Amazing Health Benefits of Triphala

Triphala is an Ayurvedic medicine composed of three herbs that have a great effect on boosting one's health. Discover some of the amazing benefits of this herbal formulation.

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Amazing Health Benefits of Triphala

Today, unhealthy eating has become a part of our sedentary lifestyle. It does not come as a surprise when people who eat large quantities of junk food suffer from stomach related problems such as constipation, loss of appetite, acidity and pain in the abdomen. These ailments can lead to severe complications such as hypertension, skin problems, poor eyesight, reduced immunity and fatigue. In most of these cases, conventional antibiotics do not benefit as much as Triphala does. 

Triphala is a traditional herb made from three different fruits: amla, haritaki and bibhitaki. It is considered one of the most versatile and greatest natural ingredients in all herbal remedies. Let us examine the effects of these fruits on the body.

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Amlaki or Amla(Emblica Officinalis)

  • Amla is a fruit rich in vitamin C that builds immunity and an effective antioxidant that removes harmful toxins from the body.
  • Amla helps strengthen and nourish the lungs and the respiratory tract by removing mucus.
  • Vitamin C in Amla helps to maintain good reproductive health in both males and females, in whom it further contributes to regulate menstrual cycles.
  • Amla induces iron that aids blood circulation and maintains proper functioning of the heart.
  • Its detox function helps in the formation of fresh tissues leading to glowing skin.
  • It aids in protein synthesis and acts as a muscle toner.
  •  It aids the assimilation by absorption of minerals like calcium that strengthens bones and some of the other minerals prevent hair fall and premature greying.

Bhibitaki (Terminaliachebula)

  • Bhibitaki acts as a blood purifier and curbs haemorrhage
  • It is an internal cleanser removing harmful toxins and excess fats out of the body
  • Its anti-viral and anti-bacterial abilities nurture voice quality and improve eyesight
  • Hair roots are strengthened and enriches hair colour.

Haritaki (Terminaliabellirica)

  • Haritaki has five rasas, or tastes, being sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent
  • It stimulates the functioning of the digestive system and sensory organs
  • It is effective in combating piles, anaemia, gastrointestinal problems and gallstones
  • It fights against fever, headache, cough and asthma
  • It prevents heart diseases and regulates blood pressure.

The combination of these three herbs makes Triphala a wonder cure. Let us look at some of other effective health benefits of Triphala:

  • It is a natural appetiser and promotes proper digestion which cures acidity and is an excellent laxative to help treat stomach ulcers. 
  • Triphala also helps reduce cholesterol levels, thereby reduces the chances of getting a heart attack or a stroke. A study has also discovered that it also has anti-cancer properties which can help in reducing tumours.
  • It can also benefit the eyes and the skin. Washing your eyes with Triphala can cure eye problems like cataracts, myopia and conjunctivitis. It reduces the external radicals in the blood which helps to restrict infections and skin disorders by improving blood quality. Its antioxidant properties help against skin ageing.
  • Triphala is also extremely useful in reducing obesity by regularising the digestive system. It is further augmented by reduction of excessive water content in the tissues and fights off hunger pangs.
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How to Take Triphala? 

Triphala is available in the form of powder, known as ’churna’. You have to mix the churna with warm water and then drink. Triphala tablets are also available, two of which should be taken after meals.

Take Triphala in the morning on an empty stomach to stabilise blood sugar levels and to get rid of the excess fat. It also helps re-establish the functioning of gut flora which allows the body to digest properly and promote good bowel movements.

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