Loosing Muscle Mass? Know These 5 Benefits Of Taking Collagen Supplements

Inadequate amount of collagen protein in the body can result to many health issues. Know the benefits of taking collagen supplements.

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Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Aug 27, 2021Updated at: Aug 27, 2021
Loosing Muscle Mass? Know These 5 Benefits Of Taking Collagen Supplements

Our body is made up of different components, one of them is protein. Protein is very crucial building materials in our body, one of natural proteins that are very effective in improving tissue connectivity is collagen. Collagen is found in large amount in our body. This is because it is present in tendons, ligaments, skin and muscles. It has variety of function and most evident amongst them is strengthening your bone connectivity. As we already know the importance of having good amount of proteins, there are also collagen supplements that can be taken to improve the functioning and strength of muscles, tendons and ligaments etc. These collagen supplements are useful in improving different functions in the body. Today we will know about 5 Benefits of taking collagen supplements with help of Mr. Sumeet Nigam, General Physician from Sahara Hospital, Lucknow.

5 Benefits of Having Collagen Supplements

1. Improves skin health

Collagen plays a major role in determining your skin tone. It is beneficial in strengthening your skin and keeps it hydrated. Hydrated skin reduces wrinkles on the skin and makes it more nourished. Collagen supplements can slow down the process of aging, hence improving skin health. Mostly people having dryness and malnourished skin should take collagen supplements as they can significantly improve their skin problems.


You can have collagen in your beverages and supplements that are available for making your skin better. It shows effectiveness in 12 weeks and if the person takes collagen supplements twice in a day. Once the wrinkles are reduces and skin is nourished, it will be able to fulfil its needs of daily collagen demand in the body. Other skin benefits include-

  • Skin acne
  • Structure of skin
  • Elastin
  • Fibrillin
  • Dehydration of skin

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2. Helps to relieve joint pain

Collagen is useful in keeping your cartilage together. This can improve pain in your joints or fussiness in movement of your joints. Collagen supplements fulfil the requirements of your tissues and rubber like structures that help in smooth movement. It can also protect you from bone disorder such as osteoarthritis. 

Collagen supplements that are present in collagen peptides are very healthy and do not have any side-effect on the body unless taken in excessive amounts. These supplements increase the generation of natural collagen in the body and reduce joint pain and other problems like pain in knees and joints which becomes evident at older age. You can take additional 8-12 grams of collagen daily for 70 days for improved conditions. This also shows that taking these supplements have resulted to cartilage growth and has lowered the inflammation rate in the joints.


3. Helps to Prevent Bone Loss

Bone loss is quite common problem which occurs to everyone with growing age. This results to poor structure of the bones and makes them weaker. Collagen prevents the deterioration process of the bones and keeps the mass intact. This reduces the risk of osteoporosis and low bone density in the body. If collagen is not present in adequate amount in your body, then it can have many effects on your bone health and ligament tear may be evident. Tendency of having fractures also increase over time when bone loss increases. 

You can have calcium supplements combined with collagen supplements to reduce bone loss and increase collagen amount in the body. It is preferred to take collagen supplements for less than 12 months as it may reduce the natural production of collagen in the body. This is especially beneficial for women as their bone strength decreases significantly over the age of 50 years.


4. Aids Heart Functions

Taking collagen supplements to improve amount of collagen protein in the body can reduce the risk of heart diseases and related problems. This is because collagen provides a good healthy structure to your arteries which pump blood to your heart. Collagen supplement with natural collagen present in the body improves these vessels, lack of which can result to weak and vulnerable arteries. Collagen supplements can reduce these heart related diseases with effectiveness-


  • Atherosclerosis
  • Narrowing of arteries
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke

By consuming adequate amounts of collagen supplements in form of pill or powder, there can be significant improvement in your heart functions. It reduces artery stiffness and increases the levels good cholesterol in the body.

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5. Muscle mass Improvement

Around 5-10% of muscle tissue is made up of collagen, this means that lack of collagen in the body can weaken the muscles and reduce muscle functions. Protein is necessary to keep your muscle strong and functioning. Collagen supplements do this quite effectively, they are beneficial in boosting the muscle mass of the body and reduce muscle problems. Loss of muscle mass usually occurs with age, so people over 50 years should be considerate about the amount of collagen present in their diet. They should start taking some amount of additional supplements with consultation from their dieticians. Collagen promotes synthesis of muscle protein creatine which can stimulate growth of muscles along with exercise.

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