Dry Skin In Winters? Here Are 6 Simple Tips To Prevent It

 Having dry skin is a common problem, especially during winters. Check out these tips to prevent it. Read on. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Jan 23, 2021Updated at: Jan 23, 2021
Dry Skin In Winters? Here Are 6 Simple Tips To Prevent It

Winter season comes with many skin and hair problems such as dry hair and skin, acne, blackheads, boils, etc. There are many external environmental factors that are responsible for these conditions like  cold winds, heat, low humidity and the chilly winter days. These can have an effect on your skin, especially dryness. Moisturizing plays a major role in treating such skin problems. Skin care is an essential concern for many people in all the seasons and it is important to maintain a skin care routine. Your diet and physical workout also contributes towards the condition on your skin. There are a lot of people who face the problem of skin dryness every winter season. Your skin feels less moisturised and looks less glowy and radiant. You can try several home remedies to treat dryness and make your skin look healthy. In fact, one can also prevent it my taking proper care of their skin in winters. There are beauty products, moisturizers and coconut oil that you can apply on dryness patches on the skin. Read the article further to know about some simple tips to prevent dry skin. 

How to To Prevent Dry Skin? 

Here are 6 simple tips that can help you in preventing dry skin in winter season: 

1. Apply moisturizer 


Apply moisturizer or lotions on your dry skin. Calamine lotions might also help in keeping the dry patches moist. If your skin has a protective layer of a lotion then it will be difficult for external factors to cause too much dryness. You should also keep your skin moisturized in order to nourish and prevent it from drying. Apply moisturizer regularly so that it becomes a habit and reduces dryness on your skin, especially after washing your face with soap and water. Moisturizers are easily available in the markets and online. 

2. Use a humidifier 

Using a humidifier in your room becomes necessary in very cold areas. In the winter season, the temperature drops and that  induces a cold vibe in the room too. It is good to put a humidifier in your room, for the betterment of your health and skin too.  This will keep you warm, moisturized and safe from any unnecessary skin problems.  Humidifiers help to add moisture into the air, which can also be helpful with indoor heating in winters. More moisture in the air can prevent dryness on the skin. 

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3. Don't take long showers 

Even taking long warm showers can make your skin go very dry. It can damage your skin's lipid layer. Try not taking showers for too long as it can make your skin dry. Moreover, it is also advised to pat your skin with a cotton towel and not rub it for absorption of water. 

4. Keep yourself hydrated 


Staying hydrated has a lot of benefits like clear skin, clean kidneys and moist skin as well. Drinking enough water in a day can keep your body and skin hydrated. Ideally, drinking around 3 litres of water everyday is adequate. Therefore, you need to keep yourself hydrated and consider it as a tip to prevent dry skin

5. Add emollients to your skin care routine

Occlusive ingredients such as shea butter, petroleum jelly, etc provide a physical barrier to block the moisture in your skin. Petroleum jelly is one of the best ways to moisturize and hydrate the dry skin. The most important benefit of petroleum jelly and shea butter is that it helps in preventing dry skin. They have properties present in them, that help in moisturizing and maintaining the softness of the skin.

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6. Use less scrubs and exfoliants 

Using exfoliants and scrubs on your skin can also make it dry, so one needs to avoid doing so. Exfoliation helps in removing dead skin cells from your skin, but if you overexfoliate your skin, then it will go smooth but can be dry and flaky as well. You should choose the right products and use them gently on your face to prevent skin dryness. Harsh scrubs can be a danger for your skin. It can lead to dry skin and rashes as well. 

So, these were some useful tips to prevent dry skin in winters. You can try these simple ways at home and prevent skin dryness. You will see a drastic change in the skin's condition within a few days. So, winter season skin care won't be a problem anymore! 

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