Troubled With Back Pain During Pregnancy? Here’s How To Get Relief

Back pain during pregnancy is very common but can worsen if neglect it. Take back pain relief tips from this article.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: May 11, 2022Updated at: May 11, 2022
Troubled With Back Pain During Pregnancy? Here’s How To Get Relief

Pregnancy is not an easy journey as it goes a lot of struggle and trouble behind the scenes that only a woman knows. So many physical woes, psychological trauma, emotional breakdown happens that make those nine months a lifetime experience. Back pain is a very very common problem during pregnancy which can occur at any trimester. In some women, back pain may trouble throughout pregnancy which gets daunting especially when you sleep. Getting sleepless nights that makes you irritated all day. So, it becomes necessary to get rid of it for a smooth pregnancy journey. This article includes what causes back pain during pregnancy and how to relieve it.

What causes back pain during pregnancy?

There are several reasons that trigger back pain in pregnant women. Before knowing tips for pregnancy back pain relief, you should know what causes it first. Most pregnant women suffer from back pain in the third trimester because of increased baby weight that makes the body tilt downwards. Besides, here are common causes of pregnancy back pain:

  • Body posture- If women do not maintain proper posture while carrying the baby in womb, they are highly likely to suffer form back pain. Poor postures and increasing size of the uterus, combined increases load on the back, causing it to bend forward.
  • Weight gain- We all know about pregnancy weight gain which is due to baby in the womb as well as overall body weight of the pregnant woman. This weight add-on increases pressure on the back which leads to chronic pain. In addition to this, overweight and obese women are most likely to suffer from back pain.
  • History of back pain- Women who have been sufferers of back pain can also get it during pregnancy.
  • Increase In Hormones- Due to the increase in certain pregnancy hormones, joints become loose which fails to provide support to your back. This also induced pain.

How to relieve back pain in pregnancy?

Let us now tell you how you can get rid of this back pain in some simple ways. 

Maintain Good Body Position And Posture

One of the most important ways to prevent and aid back pain during pregnancy is maintaining good posture and position. If you sit with your back erect, you are less likely to experience back pain. When you can resist gravity, you can escape back pain.

Watch out your sleeping Positions

If you have back pain, you should sleep on either side(preferably left side). Sleeping on the back can worsen the pain. If needed, you can get maternity pillow to support your back for a comfortable sleep during pregnancy.

Avoid lifting heavy objects

Elders strictly advise pregnant women to not lift any heavy thing. It is not because it would impact the baby but also because it can cause muscle pull that causes back pain which may worsen with time. If required, bend your knees first and then lift anything to not strain your back.

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Back Pain In Pregnancy

Use pregnancy back pain belt

Also called as maternity belt, this is extremely helpful in supporting your upper body and core abdominal muscles. This back pain belt keeps the spine erect and prevent bad posture.

Do not wear heels

Wear comfortable shoes and sandals with soft padding to provide full support to your legs while keeping them low-height. Wearing heels not only increase the risk of falls but also induces muscle pull that trigger back pain due to imbalanced posture.

Put a ice or heating pad on your back

Back Pain In Pregnancy

If the back pain is unbearable, you should use a hot or cool pad to soothe sore muscles. This is great for immediate relief but provides temporary results. So, prevention is better than cure. If you don’t find relief with this, consult your doctor for some other solution.

Back massage

This can also help in relieving back pain. A soothing pregnancy massage can open up the muscles and help you overcome back pain.

Lastly, the most important part to keep all sorts of physical problems in pregnancy at bay is physical activeness. Unless your doctor has advised bed rest, you must be physically active. Do walking, jogging(in the first trimester only), swimming, etc. All these activities are really helpful in keeping most pregnancy health issues at bay.

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