5 Ways To Avoid Pain & Injury When Starting A New Exercise Regime

Injuries are part and parcel of a professional athlete's daily life. However, you can reduce it by following these five steps.

Written by: Ishaan Arora Updated at: 2023-01-14 16:30

If you have ever tried or are new to exercising, you are probably aware of how working out causes muscle soreness and injury. In fact, people who are constantly grinding and exercising are more prone to injuries than the average people. Whether you pick a cricketer, unless he is Virat Kohli, everyone has taken a break from the game due to injuries. Even athletes who are constantly on the ground sprinting have found themselves in pain. Also, Neeraj Chopra, who recently won a gold medal for India in the Olympics, took a six-month break to recover from a back injury. 

Having said that, despite the presence of medical personnel and certified trainers, you cannot avoid pain and soreness. Instead, you can only reduce the impact of injuries by playing it safe. So, if your New Year's resolution has you going to the gym, here are five ways to avoid muscle soreness and injuries.

1. Avoid Power Lifting

The main reason why people suffer from muscle soreness and tear is that they overindulge in heavyweight. The human body is designed to move, not to lift weights. When someone lifts weights, their body undergoes a lot of stress. Weight lifting is unquestionably beneficial to a healthy body, but there is a distinction to be made between weight lifting and powerlifting. In powerlifting, people lift heavy weights for two to four reps, putting a lot of strain on their bodies. Weight lifting, on the other hand, is all about training for reps, which makes you stronger and also helps with metabolism. So, the next time you lift weights, make sure you're not running after weight and chasing reps.

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2. Don't Over Train

Constant stress is the leading cause of injuries and muscle tears in people. The majority of people exercise every day, believing that it will help them transform overnight. Working out every day, on the other hand, increases your risk of injury. Imagine working the same muscle every day with the same weights and pressure; what will happen? It will eventually give up. Similarly, you take time off from work on weekends to rest, giving your body a rest as well. The best thing you can do is to exercise for three days, then rest for one day before repeating the process.

3. Check The Form

We frequently perform back exercises and experience shoulder pain. This happens when you exercise incorrectly. Hire a personal trainer if you are new to exercise or have just begun working out. Having a personal trainer is a luxury because they can teach you the fundamentals of exercise while also assisting you with your transformation.

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4. Don't Ignore Warm-Up

Consider not being reminded and your boss unexpectedly calling a meeting to discuss the project. What would occur? You will probably surrender. Similarly, warm-up is the body's fuel when it comes to exercise. Not warming up properly causes the body to give up in the form of pain and injuries. Remember that a good workout starts with a warm-up. Begin with five to 10 minutes of light stretching or jumping. This will not only speed up your heart rate, but it will also prepare your body for upcoming exercise shock.

5. Get A Blood Test Done

We are frequently injured as a result of a lack of essential vitamins and minerals. Your internal health is also a factor in how frequently you are injured. So it is best to have a blood test every six months to see if there is a deficiency. Moreover, once done, you can plan your diet and workouts around the deficiency.

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