Understand all about your Labour and Pregnancy

Here are some pointers for pregnant women on what to expect and how to be prepared during the labour and delivery stages. Knowing these would give you an upperhand with your labour and delivery.

Written by: Arka Roy Chowdhury Updated at: 2018-06-08 18:36

The old adage that says knowledge is true in every sense, you need to know what to expect during your labour and delivery phase. Knowing it all could be of tremendous benefit and can save you from what could turn out to be a very painful experience.

labour and deliveryDespite the harrowing time that every woman goes through during labour, there is a sense of relief when the new born stares vacantly into your eyes. But that doesn’t mean that those difficult hours do not count, even after you have read all that you wished to know you could still be getting surprised at the delivery room. Here we have tried to decode all that you will need to know regarding labour and delivery.

Being Alert

You should be alert as you near the date of delivery, and so if you think that you are going into labour you must seek help immediately. Do not be embarrassed thinking what if it is a wrong sign. Once the water breaks, you should be immediately admitted in the hospital without further delay. A delay in delivery can cause complications in the birthing process. One must remember that the delivery time depends on the body type and resistance that is individual and distinct to every woman. For some, it takes hours and for the rest it can happen within minutes.

Presence of your Doctor

The truth is that there are chances your doctor will not be present for the entire time, but yes, your midwife will. The amount of time your doctor decides to spend with you depends much on where you have decided to have your baby. At times you may not see the doctor until you are ready to push! The fact of the matter is that your doctor would probably be with some other person who is close to delivering.

Excrete during Labour

Here is something that you are not usually told. You will excrete when you are in labour, though this may sound quite embarrassing and gross, but it is bound to happen. The muscles that are used to push the baby are also the same ones that you use when you excrete, and therefore you would let some of it slip. Do not worry; it is all part of the gamble.

Arrival of the Baby

After the arrival of the baby you may think that your work is over, but the fact is that there is more contraction and pushing on tap since you will also have to deliver the placenta. This cord would be cut and your doctor will tug on it gently and tell you to push once again. This part of the birth process is more of an uncomfortable annoyance than a second round of painful labor.

Baby Time

There is a lot happening after your baby is born, he or she is likely to get a shot of vitamin K and this will help he blood clot, and also he or she will get ointment that contains the antibiotic erythromycin. This would be applied to her eyes in order to prevent blindness that is caused by certain bacteria that may be present in the birth canal. 

At a physical level, a woman must know the internal changes so that she does not get baffled while delivering the baby. Usually, a mucus plug seals the opening of the cervix which automatically comes out when the womb starts nearing the delivery date. This can happen a few weeks before delivery date or even a few hours before labour. 

A thorough knowledge about what one should expect during labour and delivery, thus, remains important. Know your body well and stay safe to enjoy a wonderful motherhood!

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