Social- Emotional Learning For Kids: Why Is It So Important?

Social Emotional learning is an important aspect of child's development, here are the benefits and importance of this learning.

Written by: Puru Bansal Updated at: 2022-05-16 12:03

As parents, we always think that schools are responsible for providing our kids with education and knowledge, isn’t it? But can school imbibe all there is need to be for your children to become a strong individual and emotional well-being? This is a question of serious concern because imparting value education is one thing and preparing them for real life-struggle is another. Social learning and being emotionally stable are two challenges that are faced by different communities while raising kids. Today we will know why social emotional learning is important and what are its benefits.  

What is Social and Emotional Learning?

This is an educational concept which has a motive of developing social skills in children beyond classroom education. Learning about mathematics, science, reading and other subjects is fine, but it is not all. Identifying feeling and building relationships is what makes us all humans. They make us more towards empathetic decision makers.  

Kids might find it hard to connect with other people and learn social skills in the beginning. But they soon realize that helping others, behaving politely with them have a long term effect on the relationship. These bonds give them more security and chance to improve themselves. Some elements of social-emotional learning contain the following- 

  • Empathy 
  • Emotional regulation 
  • Decision making skills 
  • Problem solving abilities 
  • Good communication skills 
  • Relationship with other individuals 
  • Self-control  
  • Gaining knowledge 
  • Relationship with friends and family 

Why Social-Emotional Learning Important? 

Social emotional learning provides kids with a better understanding of themselves as well situations around them. There are many benefits of having a good social emotional learning. Let us know the importance of this skill development.  

  1. Children are able to get skills and knowledge at the same time. 
  2. They can get become mature enough to handle their emotions and tackle overwhelming experiences 
  3. Social learning helps them communicate in a better way and with a better thinking process 
  4. People with high emotional get better opportunities and development goals. 
  5. It lowers down anger issues and makes kids more sensible to situations 
  6. Makes them create their self-identity and personality 
  7. Improves their performance at school and in recreational activities 
  8. Helps them with school education and other such issues. 

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What is Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Quotient? 

Emotional intelligence or emotional quotient is an ability to manage your emotions and help understand other’s emotions as well. Kids that have higher IQ levels in them, helps them to understand their emotions in a better way. Communication of emotions is only possible when you have emotional intelligence or quotient.  

Emotional intelligence unable kids to make better relationships that are based on empathy and understanding about each other. Here is what you should know about it- 

Merits of Social-Emotional Learning 

Self-awareness- Those people that have a higher self-awareness are able to recognize how they are feeling and what they are going through. This helps them in getting them motivated and performing strong counterparts. 

Social Awareness- People with social learning and awareness are also quite empathetic. They are better at understanding needs emotions and concerns of other people. In case of social awareness, they are skilled in picking up social cues and social dynamics.  

Self-Management- Self-management is the ability to control your impulses as well as behavior. Kids have better management skills when they are emotionally and socially stable. They are able to stick to their commitments towards work and other stuff.  

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Relationship management- As a social being, it is important for us to maintain relationships with other people. Kids that have learned social emotional learning from the very beginning are able to reflect this upon their adult life. People who have gained strong relationship management skills are excellent at communications (both formal and informal), conflict resolution and teamwork. 

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