5 Types Of New Age Parenting Styles To Raise Your Kids

As we our moving forward, the style of parenting is also evolving, try these 5 new age methods of parenting your kids.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Apr 28, 2022Updated at: Apr 28, 2022
5 Types Of New Age Parenting Styles To Raise Your Kids

Do you still raise your kids like old times? No right, we have evolved and so is our parenting method. No longer can parents just allow kids to roam on the streets or eat whatever they feel like, it's much more complicated. Also, today’s generation have observed some downsides of the time when they were being raised, hence they want to get better at it. Our style of living has changed a lot, the working standards and things are gearing up in a much more intense way. On this point let us discuss about some new age parenting styles that have evolved in this generation and you might be interested in.

5 New Parenting Styles to Raise Kids 

1. Instinctive Parenting 

This is much related to the old school type of parenting where parents take decision depending on their instincts. Intuition plays the major role in determining the type of person you want to be. Most of the times parents who follow instinctive parenting are influenced by how they have been raised in their own childhood. By following this type of parenting, the main goal is to embed the same rules, habits and instructions to your kids and make them more like you. As you may have guessed, in instinctive parenting, there is a chance of kid losing his own identity and pattern. 


2. Attachment Parenting 

It has been picked up by the trending type of parenting styles where parents are extremely concerned about their children. In this the caregiver or parent is involved with such an emotional bond to the kid, that parents try to be present with their kids most of the times. In case of emotional understanding, the bond is very tight because of which parents becomes more empathetic towards their children.  

It is both beneficial and risky because as the child grows, he tries to look for all solutions with their parents because of which tend to be less independent and mature as they grow. Those parents who believe in attached parenting are more inclined towards natural childbirth, family bed, no punishment or prefer homeschooling. 

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3. Helicopter Parenting 

Helicopter parenting has evolved to be more toxic parenting that does not let the identity of your child develop.  You might say that parents following this parenting style might become obsessed or overprotective about their children. Due to this, they try to ensure that their kids are under their watch for maximum period of time and may be more. Helicopter parenting might be beneficial for small babies, but not after once they start going to school. This parenting style might backfire at you if you do not stop at the right time. 


4. Permissive Parenting 

This comes as a more lenient way of parenting. Permissive parenting is growing in number as parents are getting more involved in their own work. In this type of parenting, parents have a very few demands to their children. This happens, because they have very low expectation of maturity and self-control from their children.  It is mostly considered a better way to raise your kids. This is because permissive parenting style is often considered as a friendly option. Children tend to become more open to their parents by permissive parenting.

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5. Authoritative parenting 

This is a type of parenting that you may have seen in traditional serials. Authoritative parenting is quite a cliche because the parents are mostly speaking for themselves. As the name suggests, parents try to show authority in front of their kids. They are very strict to their kids and make them follow certain rules. Parents are caregivers who fit in this category are more often very strict and melodramatic. They tell their kids that what I say is the last word. But Children who fail to meet the demands of authoritative parents are not likely to get punished or have restrictions overtime. This is because authoritative parenting in general is more responsive and nurturing type of parenting style. 

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