How To Make Children Listen To You? Parenting Tips By Expert

It is usually hard to make children listen to you, here are some parenting tips that are effective and could help you.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Apr 20, 2022Updated at: Apr 20, 2022
How To Make Children Listen To You? Parenting Tips By Expert

Children, be of any age, are usually not in a habit of listening to their parents in the first place. If they do, they also try to question the same at times. This is the normal tendency of children and it grows in them as they move towards their teenage. However, it is not so that they don’t want to listen to you, there are some ways that could turn their otherwise curious behavior towards calmer one. Today we are here for those moms and dads that have defiant children who do not communicate with them properly and do not want to oblige. We have our expert who gives some tips on how parents can make their children listen to them. 

How to get your child to Comply? 

We spoke to our expert Dr. Tanu Chowdhury, Clinical Psychologist from Healthcare Clinic, Lucknow to know about ways to make children comply to your instructions. She says that before you get too angry it is important to know if your children are not listening to you on purpose or not. Sometimes it is possible that they might have forgotten what you might have asked to do, so you need to find some strategies to find that out and make ways to listen to your instructions accordingly. Also, it is normal for children to forget or not follow some of instructions in between, so you need to give them that space. 


Ways to make Kids listen to Parents 

1. Get their Attention 

The best way to make your children listen to you is to grab their attention. Children or teenagers have a very small span of attention period and can get distracted easily. So, it might be possible that when you are giving them instructions, they might not be listening to you. Even it is been proven in science that if children get emersed in their work, then it becomes difficult to make them follow instructions. The best way is to make some eye contact and touch their arms or hands in order to have that aura on them, this increases the chances of children listening to you. 

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2. Change your approach 

Nowadays, usually parents make a request rather that strongly instructing their child to do something, which is not bad. But at times when a particular approach is not working in your favor, then you need to change the approach and make a new plan. You can be a little strict to them at times or try to give them some rewards for doing a following thing. The other ways are to make them understand the consequences or teach them by example. This can curb your child from stalling or ignoring your instructions to listening to you properly.  


3. Be Patient  

One thing parent usually forget to do is to be patient. Now you might have this question in mind that why do you have to be patient with your kids. The answer is very simple, children are at a developing and learning stage. They need experiences and time to understand why you are telling them certain things to do. Therefore, you should not get frustrated, angry or stressed soon, let children take their time. If they get your instructions then it is great, if not try another way. 

4. Set a time frame 

For your kids to listen to you, you must give them a deadline or time instruction. Setting a time limit on them makes them comply to your instructions and listen to you more appropriately. For example, if you need something to be done withing 5 minutes, tell them that this work should be done in 5 minutes, so that kids try to make it a priority and listen to you. Check in with yourself about the reason behind your choices and act accordingly with your children. 

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5. Watch them 

It is easy for people to just instruct their children and then get back to their work. But that is not how it works with children. If you just keep giving instructions randomly, they might become defiant in behavior. You rather watch them complete their tasks and listen to what needs to be done. Watch them over so that they do what you told them to and also make sure they do not fall into trouble for anything. 


6. Be very specific 

Whenever you are telling your kids to do a particular thing, you need to be very specific so that they do not go in some other direction. Tell them specifically, this makes them attentive and follow what you have told them in attentive manner. This can be as simple as asking them to brush their teeth. But you need to frame your sentence in such a way that they know the reason behind why you are saying so. For example “Go and Brush your teeth now so that you can sleep on time”.

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