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Is Eating White Rice Healthy? Beware Of These Side Effects Of Consuming It In Winters

White rice could be particularly harmful for your health during winters. Know its various side effects on your health.

Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Nov 26,2021
Updated at: Nov 26,2021

Rice is a staple diet for many people around the nation. People eat rice regardless of time and calories intake. Rice is an essential part of Indian cuisine and it is hard to imagine a full diet without having rice. However people are unaware of the effects that white rice has on their body. We are regarding white rice, because it is more harmful to your health than brown rice on some occasion and hence it should be prevented. White rice is basically highly processed rice which misses its outer coating and sometimes shines or polish is also added to it making it harmful for your health. Today we will discuss about side effects of eating white rice in winters.

Is white rice bad for health?

We spoke to clinical nutritionist Ms. Shilpa Singh from Fatima Hospital, Lucknow to understand the nutrient and health factors of consuming white rice. She told us that white rice which is used by majority of community in India actually lacks vitamins and important minerals in it. This is because it is processed many times before you consume it that takes away all the nourishment from it. 

In most conditions white rice you consume has lost its outer layer and germ which is actual source of nutrients, hence it only adds calories to your diet. Other important factor of not having it during winters especially at night is that it is cold in nature which could increase the risk of common cold and health diseases. Your body needs to maintain a particular temperature in the body which could be disbalanced by eating white rice in winters, hence it should be avoided.

Side Effects of White Rice during winters

1. No fibre or important nutrients

White rice is actually stripped away of the fibre present in the rice. It could be very similar to having calories without actually getting any benefits from it. Brown rice is actually filled with nutrients because it has entire whole grains in it. This is not the case with white rice because the entire germ which contains carbohydrates and rich endosperm get diluted and vanished when they are processed. 

White rice just contains empty carbohydrates which you have in winters and thus they lead you to a number of health problems. Since the white rice has nothing much left to do with essential ingredients to the body, it needs to be avoided.

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2. Higher Glycemic Index Score

It has higher glycemic index score and thus it could be linked to higher risk of diabetes and diseases. Glycemic index determines the rate of conversion of carbs into sugar in your blood stream. If the glycemic index is more then it means that it is not that beneficial for you. Foods with lower glycemic index should be had more often. It is divided into the following category-

  • 55 or less- low glycemic index
  • 56-69- medium levels of glycemic index
  • 70- 100- High glycemic index

White rice has glycemic index value of 64 which is comparatively higher than most of the other food that are rich in nutrients. In winters the absorption rate of the body also decreases hence it is better to avoid white rice in winters. 

3. It increases risk of Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is one condition in which there is an increased risk of many health diseases. This condition means that your body is unable to digest and function properly because of which you may have trouble with cardiovascular health. Eating white rice increases the risk of metabolic syndrome thus leading the person to-

  • High blood pressure
  • High levels of triglycerides in the body
  • A large waistline
  • High fasting blood sugar levels
  • Low levels of good HDL cholesterol 

People who have larger quantity of white rice in their diet are more likely to have chances of going metabolic syndrome and problems related to it. There is also a strong connection with diabetes and consumption of white rice. It can also increase chances of heart disease as mentioned previously. This can increase at night time especially during winters and lead you to stroke, hence try to avoid eating white rice at this time.

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4. It contains High Levels of Arsenic

White rice can be contaminated with arsenic; this is a chemical which is sprayed to keep the insects from spoiling the crop. In case of white rice, it absorbs more arsenic than any other crop which you could consume. This can become big problems because it is linked with increases risk of cancer and heart attack

Arsenic is particularly harmful because it damages your nerves and affects your brain function that could possibly lead you to severe complications. Those who do not get rice based diet are actually at reduces risk of these diseases and problems. White rice actually contains and absorbs more arsenic than any other type of rice.

Picture Credits- Freepik.com


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