Can Wearing Contacts Harm Your Vision? Know What The Doctor Says

If you wear contact lenses, you should clean them regularly and prevent its overuse. Read side effects of using contact lenses incorrectly.

Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Aug 11,2022
Updated at: Aug 11,2022

Contact lenses are an ideal replacement for spectacles. They are godsent for people who do not like the concept of wearing glasses but it does come at a cost. Contact lenses were made for eyesight correction but it has become a fashion as people wear lenses to change the color of their eyes for a time being. While this seems fun, it has many hidden cons that you might not know. Their incorrect use can damage your eyes. Onlymyhealth reached out to Dr. Madhu, Sr.Consultant,Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals to know how contact lenses may harm our eyes.

Lenses have small microscopic pores that are not visible to use. Over time, these pores become hard and clogged(when you don’t clean them regularly or replace as direct by an eye specialist). The bacteria accumulated in the lenses can cause serious damage to the eyes. This is why doctors recommend changing lenses at regular intervals. Also, avoid wearing contact lenses for too long. Your eyes need some rest and oxygen that you should give.

What are the side effects of contact lenses?

If you wear your contacts for long periods, here are some potential problems that you might have to face:

Eye pain

Sleeping with contact lenses on or wearing them overnight can cause corneal abrasions. This increases risk of corneal damage which is indicated by eye pain. Your cornea doesn’t get enough oxygen and moisture which irritates your eye.

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Blurred vision

If you have blurred vision, it could be due to wearing contact lenses incorrectly. Most people use lenses for clear vision as a replacement for glasses but little did they know, contact lenses can worsen their vision. 

Red eyes

If you often have red eyes, it is a clear indication that your eyes are damaged and you should pay caution. Using contact lenses for an extended period of time and not changing lenses can cause red eyes. If the problem persists, consult a specialist immediately.

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Eye ulcers

A lot of people carelessly handle their contact lenses. This includes not cleaning them regularly, wearing wet lenses, overusing lenses, etc. This malpractice can cause eye ulcers. These are open sores that develop around the cornea. These ulcers can be really painful and may even cause blindness in extreme cases.


This condition and ts symptoms are similar to conjunctivitis but it can cause severe internal eye damage. If you keep wearing contact lenses despite having this issue, you may even suffer from vision loss.

Blood vessels overgrowth

Due to wearing contact lenses for long periods, oxygen flow to the eyes gets hampered. The blood vessels adapt this change and overgrow. This can cause vision loss in some cases.

Contact lenses are like a boon for an individual who do not like the idea of wearing very cumbersome glasses and other eyewear. To maximize their benefits and keep their side effects to a minimum, you should see your ophthalmologist regularly and make sure to use your lenses properly.

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