Applying Kajal In Baby Eyes Is Not Safe, Read Potential Damages

If you think applying kajal in baby eyes is good, you should read these side-effects too.

Written by: Chanchal Sengar Updated at: 2022-08-11 13:11

In India, applying kajal in newborn’s eye is a custom. It is believed that eyes become wider and beautiful with application of kajal in babies but is it so? Well, applying kajal is okay as long as it is applied correctly. Also, the kajal used should be safe. In many households, women make at home especially for babies which is organic and safe. Store-bought kajal contains lead which is harmful for both babies and adults. Considering that many people do not know the side-effects of lead-based kajal, we have curated this article to spread awareness.

No wonder babies look extremely cute and beautiful with kajal but parents should ensure that the kajal used is safe, natural and doesn’t contain any chemicals or preservatives. Baby’s eyes are very delicate and they can get hurt even with smallest things. If their eyes get exposed to chemicals, they may have to suffer lifelong eye complications. We have listed down the possible side effects of applying kajal in baby eyes.

Risk of infection

Baby's are very sensitive and even a little carelessness can cause infections. Firstly, the kind of kajal and its composition(lead in packaged kajal) and secondly, application with bare hands. Elders apply kajal in baby eyes with fingers that are exposed to the environment and may contain bacteria. These can enter the eyes of the child and cause infection. Besides, the kajal may also enter the mouth while bathing which is also hazardous.

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Itchy eyes

If the kajal has lead in it, it is highly likely to cause itching in baby’s eyes. Using store-bought kajal for babies is unsafe because most of them has lead in it. This not only causes itching and redness in eyes but also hamper brain development of the child. Thus, it is always advised to use vegan kajal to avert potential risks.

Risk of skin infection

Many times children rub the kajal on the eyes with their hands due to which they are more prone to catching skin infections. They may get pimples, small bumps, rashes and irritation due to the kajal spread on the skin. To minimize this, parents must wipe out excess kajal from eyes as well has hands.

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Watery eyes

Children can also complain of watery eyes after applying kajal. This may be a sign of eye allergy triggered due to the application of kajal. When the product gets accumulated around the corners of the eyes, they must be wiped out as soon as possible or else it may develop as infection.

If the child complains of excessive itching along with watery eyes, parents must consult a doctor. 

Eyesight may get affected

Many times we apply kajal in very a large mount on small children, it can damage the area between the baby's eyes, which is called the cornea. This part of the eye is very delicate, getting kajal in it can affect the eyesight. So, be wise with the application considering that your child’s strong vision is more important than big, bold eyes.

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