Pregnancy Week 27 - Pregnancy Week by Week Development

At this stage of pregnancy you must be in constant contact with your doctor. Go for the prescribed tests and talk to doctor about signs of premature labour.

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Now that you have reached the third trimester of your pregnancy, you can enrol yourself for prenatal and childbirth classes provided by many hospitals.

Pregnancy Week 27- Growth of Baby

  • By now the baby is almost 14 1/2 inches long and weighs about two pounds
  • Eyes are fully formed, and the baby blinks them as well. Moreover, baby sleeps and wakes up at regular intervals. The retina is also developing at a good pace, and the other membranes that were covering the baby’s eyes have started to separate
  • The sleeping patterns of a baby are usually opposite to that of the mother's. It is an excellent possibility that you get kicked by the baby when you are trying to get some sleep
  • In these last weeks of pregnancy, the baby will gain about half a pound per week
  • Since water has surrounded the baby for the last five months, the skin remains slightly wrinkled
  • You will notice many movements and even baby hiccups
  • The movements are for short duration and are perfectly safe for the baby

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Pregnancy Week 27- Changes in Mother

  • In this week, you must increase calorie intake to complete the baby requirements as it needs more energy during this week. 300-350 calorie increase is recommended during this phase. Most women are worried about their weight, but there is no reason to worry as you will lose weight post delivery
  • You will gain more weight till the 37th week of pregnancy.  If you are concerned about your weight then talk to your doctor, it is not wise to cut on your diet as it will directly affect your baby
  • In the 27th week, you may also face a slight problem in breathing as the uterus now prevents the lungs from expanding. Don't panic; this is normal in the third trimester of pregnancy. However, do consult your doctor

Pregnancy Week 27- Advice for Mother

  • This is a crucial period of pregnancy, try to be stress-free as stress can hurt your baby. Maintain your health at both the physical and mental level 
  • Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet during pregnancy. Experts suggest that sleeping on your side is more convenient during this stage of pregnancy. You must adjust your posture according to your comfort. You can also use extra pillows relieving pressure from your abdomen
  • At this stage, you can keep getting sonograms done to track your pregnancy week by week development and can also rejoice while keeping track of your baby’s growth

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