Pregnancy week twenty six - pregnancy week by week development

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May 03, 2011

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Quick Bites

  • By the 26th week, the baby bump is 2 inches above the belly.
  • Contractions during this week are common, but they shoud not be a cause for worry.
  • By this week, the circulatory system of the baby is functional.
  • You may have gained approximately 20 to 23 pounds by now.

By the 26th week of pregnancy you can feel the uterus about 2 to 1/2 inches above the belly. You may be experiencing contractions but there is no need to worry about premature birth.


week 26



Pregnancy Week 26- Growth of baby

  • Your baby is now able to hear you when you chat with people. S/he is inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid which is necessary for the development of her/her baby lungs! The breathing movement of the baby is also noticeable now. For instance, the chest of baby moves up and down.
  • By the 26th week, the length of baby is about 14 inches and weight about a pound. In case of a baby boy the testicles begin dropping down to the scrotum. This entire process takes two to three days for completion.
  • In this week growth and development of baby again commences at a good pace. Eyes are fully developed and your child will soon open and start blinking her/his eyelids. In this week the child will develop a solid sense of touch and starts reacting to touch. In addition to this the heart has started pumping blood, and heartbeats can be heard.
  • By now circulatory system of the baby is fully functional. Placenta and umbilical cord have grown to the present size of the baby and the latter is circulating blood to the baby.


Pregnancy Week 26- Changes in Mother

  • Throughout the 26th week of pregnancy you will experience weight gain and many other changes in your body. Braxton hicks contractions are common during and after this week.  These contractions are harmless i.e. they neither affect your baby nor the delivery.
  • The baby must have started straightening their arms and kicking their legs. At times you can even see baby protrude from your belly. Depending upon your baby you may have to try different postures for sleeping and sitting.
  • By now you must have gained about 20 to 23 pounds and it will keep on increasing. You may feel more tired because of the increasing weight. Heartburns, cramps, pain in ribs and muscle pulls are the other common conditions in this stage of pregnancy.


Pregnancy Week 26-Advice for Mother

It is essential to maintain a positive state of mind. Don’t worry about the changes that are taking place in your body. All this will go back to normal after the delivery. You can do light exercises or yoga for keeping the stress away. You have entered a critical stage of your pregnancy week by week development. Go for regular check ups and follow what your doctor says.


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