Adapt These 5 Lifestyle Swaps For Sustainable Weight Loss

In order to lose weight in a sustainable way and lead a healthy life, follow these 5 simple lifestyle swaps.  

Written by: Charu SharmaPublished at: Dec 19,2021
Updated at: Dec 19,2021

We are in a world where everybody desires to get slim waist, lean legs and a 0 size figure. We all seek various ways to lose weight and get in shape then if it is by following various diets, changing the workout regimes and sometimes even by starving ourselves. Where all these things are not very practical in the long run and hence these weightloss methods are not considered to be sustainable. By following these techniques one might see some visible results but there are very high chances of gaining back all that weight and more. Where you are putting in a lot of effort into losing those extra inches then you would at least want it to last long. Where these quick solutions are temporary they can also be harmful for your overall health. Where your weight can be affected by your genes and the food you eat, but these are not just the two things to be blamed.

Leading an unhealthy lifestyle is said to be the biggest culprit when it comes to weight gain. It is not just your weight but even your overall health that gets impacted due to these unhealthy lifestyle habits. In order to lose weight in a sustainable way and lead a healthy life, follow these 5 simple lifestyle swaps.

#1. Swap Sugar With Jaggery

As will be in the middle of the wedding season and most of us cannot resist those delicious sweets and spongy cakes. Having a sweet tooth is not a bad thing but the way you satisfy it is what matters the most. Sweets are not our enemy till the time you are being mindful about their consumption. The refined white sugar present in your sweets will not just increase your weight but will have ill effects on your health as well. As this refined sugar is just empty calories with no nutritional value at all, it is just going to contribute to increased weight and several health issues.

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Swapping your refined sugar with jaggery can take you a long way in your weight loss journey and can be beneficial for your health in a lot of ways. This natural sweetener made out of sugarcane juice or date pulp is said to be a rich source of iron and its consumption is said to be good for digestion. Good digestion leads to faster metabolism which means more calories can be burnt in less amount of time. Switching to jaggery instead of sugar is one of the most effective ways of weight loss as it is going to be there with you in the long run.

Start by adding in the jaggery powder to your cup of tea or coffee and eventually start using it in your dessert preparations as well instead of that white sugar.

#2. Fruits with Fruit Juice

Where you would have heard that consuming a glass of fresh fruit juice in the morning along with your breakfast can be beneficial for your health but here’s to bursting that bubble. Where fresh fruit juices are not harmful for your health but that extra effort in the morning is not even doing any good to you. When you juice out the fruits you tend to throw away all the pulp present in it. This pulp is rich in fiber and something which adds to the nutritional value of that fruit. Discarding that fiber rich pulp deprives you from getting an adequate amount of fiber and hence affects your weight loss. Consumption of fiber is said to be very promising when it comes to weight loss. This fiber helps to prevent any kind of overeating or binge eating as it takes longer to get digested and hence keeps you full for long. 

Start saving those 10 minutes in the morning and grab a fruit on your way to work instead of juicing it out and reducing its nutritional value.

#3. Ignoring Sleep with a Sound Sleep

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Now matter how much curiosity you have to know what happens to the main character, by the end you need to stop binge watching right away. Where this greed of watching that one last episode is never ending, it impacts your sleep schedule to a large extent. Disturbed sleep schedules are said to be one of the culprits leading to increasing weight. Getting sound sleep helps you in moderating the appetite which prevents overeating and late night snacking. Good sleep is said to be beneficial for your metabolism and helps in making you more active and energetic. 

#4. Cold water with Warm water

This idea might sound very tempting and practical in these chilli winters but is something that people tend to give up during the scorching summer heat. Warm water is said to be a natural detoxifier and helps in better digestion along with improving the function of the digestive system. Consumption of warm water is said to increase the metabolic rate as compared to cold water and hence contributes to rapid weight loss. Where some people find it difficult to consume warm water throughout the year, it is advised to drink at least room temperature water instead of consuming chilled water. 

#5. Sedentary lifestyle with Active lifestyle

If you are someone who spends most of the day on that couch or that office chair behind your laptop screen, you need to get up and start exercising. An active lifestyle does not only mean following strict workout regimes but more about the overall movements comprising your day. If your 9-5 job does not allow you to take out time for a walk or gyming routine then start off by making small changes. Start climbing those stairs instead of taking the lift, park your car a little distance from your office so that you can a little, take small breaks to stroll around between your day and engage yourself into physical activities as much as you can. Being a couch potato will not help you in losing weight and you need to stop being lazy and adapt an active lifestyle to get in shape and to get a sustainable weight loss.


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