Face Contouring Tips: How To Contour Your Face Permanently? Here Are Some Tips From This Expert

A contoured face highlights the best features of the face, giving importance to the face aesthetics 

Written by: Dr. Geeta Grewal Updated at: 2020-09-21 14:57

Facial sculpting or facial contouring is a technique to give your face a rested, rejuvenated, healthy toned attractive look. The global concept of beauty and healthy beautiful face has changed from chubby cheeks to leaner slim face with high cheekbones, well-defined jawline and smooth transition between facial subunits. Social media is flooded with makeup tutorials; you see so many makeup artists doing facial sculpting with different shades of browns and glitters. They try to create light reflection points on your face. How we perceive beauty or an attractive face depends on how light is reflected from the face. Ace photographers, makeup artists all play with light reflection tricks to give you sculpted attractive looks. 

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What Is Permanent Contouring? 

Modern medical aesthetic treatments combination of non-invasive to minimal invasive lunchtime procedures with nil to minimal downtime, are safe, effective and help you achieve long-lasting results. Makeup gives you a sculpted look lasting a wash away, and photoshop photography too is limited to a moment. Long-lasting results are achievable with combination treatment planned and customised to your facial anatomy and desired changes with Botox fillers threads and energy-based devices.

Following are some listed procedures that dermatologists suggest when it comes to permanent facial contouring:

  • Strategic placement of Botox fillers and threads can help create the changes to optimise your facial contouring.
  • These procedures help to move closer to the golden ratio of facial beauty.
  • Giving a filling effect with the help of fillers and contouring the facial units with Botox fillers threads and radiofrequency technology in various combinations according to your aesthetic diagnosis.
  • If you have a bulky fatty lower face, your treating doctor may plan injection lipolysis or mini liposuction to remove excess fat deposits.
  • A broader muscular lower face can be contoured with Botox microdroplets. Weak Mid face can be built up with fillers.
  • Contouring threads help to give a lifting and contouring look.
  • Weak chin and jawline can be recreated with fillers.

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Self-Care Is A Must

No matter what professional care you choose to take, there is no replacement for regular self-care. Daily regular self-care with tools like Gua-Sha, jade roller or rose quartz roller used in ancient Chinese healing and beauty treatments help to sculpt de-puff face giving anti-ageing benefits by lifting toning skin increase blood circulation and stimulating lymphatic drainage. A skincare routine should be followed especially during the seasonal change to be safe from breakouts. Also, in current times the risk of acne has doubled due to the regular use of face masks in this pandemic. Listed below are some skincare tips to follow this season:

  • Use a skin-friendly facewash daily to wash away residues from skin
  • Scrub your face 2-3 times in a week gently for a clear skin
  • Keep your skin adequately hydrated and moisturiser by using a skin cream as your skin type.
  • Do not step out without applying a sunblock cream.
  • Always do a patch test before using a new product on the skin.
  • Do not change your skincare creams very often as each product takes time to show its effect on different skin types.

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