Sagging Breasts: Causes & Remedies To Prevent it

Ageing, gravity, collagen deficiency, menopause, and larger breast size are some of the reasons for breast sagging.

Written by: Sushmita Sharma Updated at: 2023-01-08 15:30

You will witness many changes in your body as you age; breast sagging is one of them. The shape of your breasts keeps changing and it might lose the elasticity and sag with time. Ageing, gravity, collagen deficiency, menopause, and larger breast size are some of the reasons for breast sagging. It is not a cause of concern but may affect self-confidence and cause anxiety in some women. Read this article to understand what causes breast sagging and how to prevent it.

What Causes Sagging Of Breasts

Breast sagging or breast ptosis is a medical condition which results in the weakening of the tissue and loss of elasticity and causes the breasts to sag. However, it can occur in young women as well. Some of the reasons include the following:

  • Breast sagging is part of the ageing process that can occur in your 40s and 50s, however, some can also experience breasts sagging in their youth.
  • Smoking can affect your breasts and causes your skin to lose strength and flexibility.
  • Multiple pregnancies can also cause sagging of breasts as it causes the ligaments that support your breasts to stretch. There are hormonal changes which shrink and expand milk ducts after pregnancy.
  • Large and heavier breasts droop with time. This is because higher breast mass is more susceptible to gravity. This can also result in severe back aches.
  • Being overweight can cause your skin to stretch, altering your breasts' shape. 
  • You will witness changes in your breasts after the occurrence of menopause.
  • Not wearing the right bra which supports your breasts can cause them to droop. This occurs more in women with heavy breasts, which stretches your tissues.
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How To Prevent Sagging Of Breasts

  • Wear a well-fitted bra, especially while jogging, that can support your tissues.
  • You don't need to lose or gain weight; maintaining a consistent weight and eating healthy foods can help. This will help in keeping your breasts firm and prevent sagging.
  • Avoid or quit smoking as it increases ageing by destroying elastin, a protein that maintains skin's suppleness. This further leads to breast ligaments losing firmness.
  • You can also get a hormonal test to check your oestrogen levels. A decline in oestrogen level, which mainly occurs during menopause, may decrease collagen. 

Natural Remedies To Prevent Breast Sagging 

Olive Oil

Massaging your breasts with olive oil can help to make your breasts firm. Olive oil acts as an antioxidant that helps to fight against free radicals. 


You can massage your breasts with ice in circular motions to promote firmness in breasts. 

Cucumber & Egg Yolk

Put an egg yolk and cucumber juice mixture on and around your breasts for 30 minutes before washing them off.

Healthy Diet

Include foods with vitamins, minerals and calcium, such as lentils, eggs, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots. 

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You can treat your breast sagging with surgical and non-surgical methods such as laser treatment, thermage, thread lift, and breast lift surgery. 


Breast sagging is common and should not be a cause to worry. People think that breastfeeding, wearing padded bras, or not wearing a bra causes sagging of breasts, however, this is not true. If sagging breasts is a more significant concern for you, you can consult your doctor and get surgical treatment.


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