A1 Vs A2 Milk: What’s The Difference? Know Benefits

Here is a brief about the A1 and A2 milk types and their effects on your health.

Charu Sharma
Written by: Charu SharmaUpdated at: Jul 07, 2021 09:18 IST
A1 Vs A2 Milk: What’s The Difference? Know Benefits

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Milk is a superfood which is considered to be an important part of our diet as it is packed with various vitamins and minerals. We all have heard about various kinds of dairy milks like cow milk, buffalo milk, camel milk, goat milk. Some vegan milks like almond milk, cashew milk, oats milk, coconut milk and soy milk but what are these A1 and A2 milk types? Well we have decoded this for you all and have got the hustle sorted. Without wasting any more time lets jump straight into the article and see what these milk types actually are.

What is A1 milk?


Obtained from the western breed of the cows such as jersey, holstein and friesian cows A1 milk is the most consumed and commonly found variety of milk. A1 type milk got its name from the A1 casein protein present in it. 

Effects of A1 milk type on Health

  • The presence of BCM-7 or Beta Casomorphin-7 present in the A1 type of milk is capable of causing morphine-like effects on the central nervous system. This can cause an addiction towards drinking milk and can also be responsible for the neuro disorders and cause autism and affect the learning ability as well. 
  • With high lactose intolerance, A1 milk type has carbohydrates and fats which encourages the growth of unhealthy bacteria in the human intestine which lowers the immunity in children.
  • Not just this but A1 milk type has also been linked to have a negative effect on your inner hormonal system and can cause heart diseases and type 1 diabetes. 


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  • A1 milk also consists of histamine which can cause allergic reactions in kids like skin reaction, running nose, asthma and allergic cough. This milk also consists of lipids which can affect children’s metabolism and lead to long term risks like diabetes and obesity in children.

What is A2 milk?

milk types

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Obtained from the Indian breed of cows such as Sahiwal, Gir, Red Sindhi, etc. A2 milk type of milk gets its name from A2 casein protein present in it as well as a type of amino acid called proline. This milk type is much similar to the human breast milk and to the buffalos, goats and sheeps. 

Effects of A2 milk type on Health

A2 type of milk comes with many health benefits as it encourages better immunity.

Blood Pressure
  • A2 milk type has omega-3 fatty acids which helps in lowering the cholesterol levels and and the presence of potassium in it helps in regulating the blood sugar levels.
  • Due to the presence of Vitamin A in this milk type keeps your eye health in check, equipping you with sharp vision and preventing problems like cataract in later stages.


Here we have a clear winner for this comparison which is the A2 milk type as it not just comes with several health benefits but also prevents and helps in treating your body from the complications caused due to the consumption of A1 milk type. At one hand where A2 milk type helps in enhancing the immunity, cleaning cholesterol deposits, increases brain power and protects our body from harmful radiations, the A1 milk type ast the other hand can be the reason behind serious health issues like cardiac arrest, autism, ulcer and can also become a hindrance in the process of brain development. Before changing your milk type make sure that you consult your dietician first. 

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