5 Tips To Munch Or Snack In Between Meals Smartly For Least Damage To Health

Munching is not bad until its healthy munching. We will talk in detail about tips to snack smartly what to eat in between meals.

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Written by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterUpdated at: Sep 29, 2020 10:57 IST
5 Tips To Munch Or Snack In Between Meals Smartly For Least Damage To Health

Munching has become an essential for office going individuals as well as school chaps. People prefer snacking while working the whole day long. Some choose to take healthier options at an allotted time and some prefer taking unhealthy consumables, as they find them more comforting and pleasurable. It is advised to go for healthy snacking paired with some kind of physical activity. Watching shows and binging at one place, the millennials are habituated to eat unhealthy food items in between meals, which is a danger for their body. 

What to eat in between meals?

Instead of grabbing a packet of chips and munching it all day long or eating high sugary items like chocolates in between meals, try going for better healthier options. Healthy munching is not harmful to your body and will keep you away from obesity. For those who are habituated to munch in between meals, to save your body from crucial health issues, you can consume these healthy alternatives:

  • A piece of fruit
  • Lettuce and tomato salad
  • Low fat yogurt
  • Dry fruits
  • A slice of bread
  • Cucumber
  • Healthy sandwich
  • Hummus
  • Cottage cheese


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5 tips to snack smartly

1. Snack slower

You have to habituate yourself to slow snacking in order to maintain intervals between your meals. Enjoy every bite of your food slowly. Slow snacking fills your stomach early and makes you not binge unnecessarily. Don't distract yourself by TV, mobile phones, etc and focus on your meal in a proper time frame.

2. Choose baked, not fried

Even if you feel the need to munch some crackers or chips, choose baked and not fried. Fried food can increase the cholesterol in your body and become harmful. Whilst, baked items like potato and banana are healthy snacks.

3. Eat more fiber and dairy products


This smart snacking tip is more useful if you have a 9-5 sitting job with less physical activity. Eating more fiber and dairy products can help the functioning of your intestines. Fruits, vegetables and whole grain bread are rich in fiber.

4. Do not drink your calories

You can see people choosing juices and smoothies over eating a whole fruit. These options are not at all healthy and can increase the sugar content in your body. Therefore, try eating a fruit whenever you feel the need for munching. High calorie drinks are not included in healthy snacking.


5. Eat smaller meals and stay hydrated

This tip has proved to be beneficial for a lot of people. Instead of restricting yourself to three meals a day, you can eat smaller meals at short regular intervals. Smaller and frequent snacking can reduce the risk of obesity and help in balancing your blood sugar levels. Moreover, keep your body well hydrated with plenty of water and not aerated drinks.

What happens if you don't snack smartly?

Weight management is also very important for every individual in the world. Also, the top reason of obesity is not snacking smartly and moving too less. Therefore, this routine has to be eradicated to prevent health problems. Check out the list of risks associated with it:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease and strokes
  • Certain types of cancer
  • Sleep apnea
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Pregnancy problems, such as high blood sugar during pregnancy, high blood pressure, and increased risk for cesarean delivery (C-section)

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Healthy snacking tips can help you in maintaining a decent lifestyle too. With life threatening issues like high blood pressure, heart and kidney diseases, snack smartly and avoid these huge health  problems. Just take care of the above mentioned tips of healthy snacking and be positive towards life!

(Written By Navya Kharbanda)

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