5 Fail-Proof Ways To Get Your Child To Study At Home

Does your child trouble in getting to study at home? Here are some tips for parents to bring their child's interest in home study.

Gandharv Gulati
Mind BodyWritten by: Gandharv GulatiPublished at: Feb 16, 2020Updated at: Feb 16, 2020
5 Fail-Proof Ways To Get Your Child To Study At Home

In this digital era, it is very difficult to bring your child out of the phone or tablet or other electronic gadgets. They always in a good and playful mood but that becomes worse if they want only play and no study. After coming back from the school, putting them to study at home is a herculean task for parents(unless you have a studious kid)! If you too face this situation, we will tell you some fail-proof ways to get your child to the study table and generate his/her interest in studies.

If you ask them to just sit and study, they will probably refuse and may even show their stubborn side. You just have to handle them patiently so that things don’t go sour between you two. Rest, follow these steps.

Reward them


Don’t misinterpret this as bribery but reward them with some meaningful gifts and not just cookies and candies. You can bring them cartoon stationery which they’d not only love but it is of their use. Sometimes, you can spoil them with their favorite candy or ice cream, but not often. Motivation is important for them to learn and grow at an early age. They would always be excited about their study time.

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Make learning fun


Serious learning is not meant for kids. For them to study without getting bored is only possible if you add a fun element to study. Find new ways to teach them with entertainment. Do you know why e-learning is becoming popular these days? Because they use innovative methods to teach the lessons in a fun way. If you learn the art of engaging them, getting your kid to study would become much more easier. You can use rhymes or music to learn a poem or props for visual learning. Visual learning is the best way a kid can grasp knowledge.

Give them compliments for every right answer

Don’t be a serious parent who is only interested in teaching. Be a cool parent who appreciates the efforts and compliments on the right answers. They take this as a positive sign and this also helps in building understanding between you two. Their efforts mean a lot and you must encourage them to boost their efforts. A parent is the best teacher, become one for your child.

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Encourage the habit of asking questions and raising doubts


Motivate your kids to clear their doubts and not keep it inside. Tell them that they should bluntly raise questions and not feel shy or ashamed. This would also boost their self-confidence. 

Read everyday

Reading is a good habit that you must practice. Apart from study books, you ask your kid to read any book of his interest either it be a storybook or something else. This gives wings to their imagination and opens up their brain. They will begin to love the study.

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