4 Ways To Avoid Stomach Infections During This Season

Basic modifications in our daily lifestyle can help prevent stomach infections. Know how it can be done!

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikUpdated at: Jul 28, 2020 15:47 IST
4 Ways To Avoid Stomach Infections During This Season

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Seasonal stomach infections are the worst that can happen to anyone. If you thought that only while eating out, you are the most risk of getting gastroenteritis or stomach infection, then you are highly mistaken. The humid weather conditions are a favourable ground for bacteria and virus to thrive on food and other surfaces, making it essential to be safe and aware of your eating habits to avoid stomach infections. Even though there exist various home remedies to get relief from stomach infections, who likes to fall prey to the aftermath of eating something that you love the most? Stomach infections or gastro infections are common across all age groups and hence, should be treated on time as severe cases of gastro infections could even lead to a highly compromised immunity and, and an increased risk of other viral diseases. Also, as mentioned in the Centres For Disease Control and Prevention, and as per various studies, gastrointestinal symptoms are also triggers or symptoms of COVID-19. It may not appear in every COVID-19 positive patient but could be one of the symptoms. 


Some notable symptoms of stomach infections are: 

  • Watery stools 
  • Cramp in the abdomen area
  • Nausea 
  • Vomiting 
  • Fever (mild)
  • Muscle pain and fatigue 

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Depending on the cause of stomach infection, the symptoms may show for 2-3 days and may start to fade with the help of diet modifications and medications. But, there are certain things that we can do to avoid getting stomach infections. Read below to know more: 

Do Not Eat Risky Foods 

What is eat makes a whole lot of difference to our overall health, especially in this season where it is common to get stomach flu or stomach infections. There are various foods, which are considered to be risky in certain seasons.  This season calls for an extra need to be careful in their dietary choices. One must stay away from raw uncooked meat, stale and raw fish, unpasteurised milk, etc. These foods increase the risk of infections, leading to stomach flu and infections. Hence, while choosing what to eat, these tips can help you to eat healthily and stay healthy: 

  • Eat high fibre food 
  • Do not forget to add more vitamin-enriched food in your diet. 
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks
  • Do not rely on junk food and packaged ready-to-eat food as they are high on preservatives.
  • Those with milk or dairy allergy should avoid having any dairy product for a healthy gut health


Drink Clean Water Only 

The composition of the human body is 60%-70% of water. We must understand that just like we need food to live, we need to have a stipulated amount of water in a day to stay healthy and hydrated. If we consume less water, our body may show various signs and symptoms, stating that it is dehydrated. But, the quality of water is equally important as the quantity. Stomach fly mainly happens because of eating contaminated food and water. Hence, during this season of viral infections, flu and seasonal diseases, one must only have filtered RO water or bottled water to stay safe from a stomach infection. 

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Maintain Distancing From People 

Who says maintaining social distancing is only effective in controlling COVID-19. If you have someone in the family suffering from viral or bacterial gastro issues, avoid sharing plates, food, water glasses, linen, as they could be carrying virus and bacteria too. Some guidelines to follow if you are nursing a patient of stomach flu at home: 

  • Keep their surroundings clean 
  • Always wear a mask and gloves when serving them
  • Wash their linen and eating utensils separately 
  • Never give them food, which is kept in the fridge for more than two days 

Store Food Properly 

One of the most important things is to properly store food to avoid contamination. Food storage guidelines should be followed to ensure prevention of stomach flu. Properly wash before cooking raw vegetables and meat and refrigerate things in the right temperature to maintain the nutritional quotient. Somethings to ensure while storing food: 


  • Do not store cut fruits and vegetables in the same container 
  • Do not store cut fruits as they might turn carcinogenic 
  • Never keep raw and cooked meat together
  • Frozen food should be stored as mentioned at the back of the packaging.

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Stomach infection can make life difficult, but taking proper precautions can help in warding off the situation. It is all about taking basic precautions like eating clean and healthy and maintaining cleanliness in the surroundings.  

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