4 Types Of OCD And Their Characteristics That You Should Know About

 There are four types of obsessive compulsive disorders. All of these differ in their characteristics.

Gandharv Gulati
Mind BodyWritten by: Gandharv GulatiPublished at: Sep 10, 2020Updated at: Sep 10, 2020
4 Types Of OCD And Their Characteristics That You Should Know About

Obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD is not a common thing which is why many people fail to identify that they have OCD. This is basically an anxiety disorder that may lead to suffering and physical problems. There are different types of OCD that are differentiated on the basis of their characteristics of obsession and compulsion.

Contamination & Washing


Most people have OCD of cleanliness and hygiene. They get panicky on seeing contaminants around them. They are supremely concerned about cleanliness around them out of fear of getting ill or diseased. Even if everything is okay, they would be very considerate about all the knick-knacks. This includes dirt, dust, bacteria, viruses, germs, sticky substances like chewing gums, blood, etc. The list is endless as you never know what might trigger the OCD of the person.

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People with OCD of cleanliness can go to an extent where they would avoid visiting a place or meeting someone that may look unhygienic or unclean to them. You would find them carrying sterilizers and sanitizers everywhere to double sure that they are clean and protected. Sadly, such people become vulnerable to allergies and irritants. As soon as they come in contact with hostile elements, they fall sick. This fuels their OCD. 

Doubt and fear of accidental events

Have you ever seen someone who is always worried that something inauspicious might happen? Before doing something or going somewhere or unreasonably, they think of all the possibilities of accidents or unintentionally harming themselves or any other person. They get so conscious that they fail to do anything let alone successfully accomplish any task. They are always surrounded by fear, a feeling of doubt, etc.


OCD of perfection

While it is said that nobody is perfect and neither can ever be, these are people who consider themselves as a perfectionist and want everything to be symmetrically correct, aligned and arranged. All they care about is exactness and there is no room for mistake.

A lot of such people are always seen arranging and organizing things that need no change. They are very particular about keeping things at their place and not even an inch here or there. They feel discomfort seeing things not aligned or symmetrical. While they may get satisfaction in this, it affects people around them as this compulsion get irritating at times.

Thoughts with unacceptable taboo

People with this OCD are tagged as ‘pure obsessional’ as these are so rigid about following mental rituals and unacceptable taboo. These people are intolerant to thoughts or things that do not fit their criteria or violate their thoughts and beliefs. Most of these are related to religious beliefs. They are never ready to listen to another person’s perceptive. At any given cost, their thoughts cannot be compromised. Molesters who sexually molest a group are also a victim of this OCD.


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The obsessive compulsive disorder is not developed by choice but it is possible to get hold of it with various techniques and treatments.

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