4 things doctors want every anxious person to know

If anxiety has been ruling your life, it is time to put an end to it. But, before you proceed, here are a few things you need to know about anxiety.

Vasudha Bhat
Mental HealthWritten by: Vasudha BhatPublished at: Oct 06, 2017
4 things doctors want every anxious person to know

Anxiety is not new to many. While some deal with it every day, others are lucky enough to face it only once a while. Whether you are waiting for a big appraisal at office or handling relationships at home, anxiety will play its due in life at some point or another.

For most of us, anxiety is a collection of fears such as the fears of lack of control, comprehension, acceptance, and confidence.

There are a lot of us who do not even know what causes anxiety, let alone know what can prevent it. This can further add to the fear of another anxiety attack, causing paranoia, which eventually progresses to monophobia and/or agoraphobia.

To offer a helping hand to those who have anxiety, here is a list of things that every anxious person must know.

Anxiety disorder facts

Your response isn’t overreaction

Many sufferers are often asked to relax and chill out during an anxiety attack. But, had it simply been overreaction in the first place, wouldn’t you have avoided it? So, what you need to understand here is the fact that anxiety is an involuntary reaction to a fear which triggers a need to take over the situation. This is why most people try to escape the scene when they are suffering an anxiety attack.

There are people like you

One of the most common fears of a person with anxiety is that no one understands them the way they understand themselves. But, what you must realize is that there are millions of people who feel the same way as you. So, look for ways to connect with like-minded people. Mental health deterioration is just a part

Although anxiety is commonly categorized as a mental health disorder, there are many physiological problems associated with it too. Difficulty breathing, dizziness, chest pain and numbness in arms and/or fingers are some of them. Thankfully, treatment is available for all these symptoms.

Anxiety tells you something

Anxiety is a result of an underlying issue that you are not aware of. All your anxiety episodes are trying to drop hints about a problem that you have been ignoring all this while. So, stop avoiding it, and start walking towards rectifying it.

It can be controlled

Anxiety is a result of certain things, namely diet, stress, lifestyle, etc. This makes it easy to understand that where there is a cause, there is a cure.

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