10 Beard Problems Faced by Men and Their Remedies Explained By Dermatologist Priyadarshini Singh

Maintaining a beard can be one hectic task. By taking proper remedies and precautions, you can maintain a well-desired beard

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Men's HealthWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Mar 15, 2021
10 Beard Problems Faced by Men and Their Remedies Explained By Dermatologist Priyadarshini Singh

Most men, especially youngsters, are fond of keeping a beard in different styles. Some keep it short, long, French cut and many more. But it is not that easy to keep and maintain a beard. Today we will tell you some problems that men usually face that you could relate to and their remedies. First, let’s start with seven common issues which men face because of beard.  

Dr Priyadarshini Singh, a renowned dermatologist from Shri Ram Hospital, Panchkula, shares her expert opinion to OnlyMyHealth regarding some common problems and infections in the beard. Irritant Folliculitis, bacterial infection and an inflammatory condition called Pseudofolliculitis Barbae can occur in the beard area. These can be precipitated by shaving, but since facial hair means removing the option of shaving, men often trigger this condition.    

10 Common Problems of Keeping a Beard:  

1) Itching  

Beard gets worse during the summers because of the high heat and sweat. It often happens that the sweat gets accommodated, which creates irritation afterwards. It is the dry skin underneath the beard that causes this irritation in summers. To deal with this use, aloe Vera gel is highly hydrating and soothing for the skin. It will help you get rid of the itchiness almost instantly and won’t leave any residue either. However, consult a dermatologist before confirming any skin allergies.   


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2) Dandruff  

Contrary to what people mostly believe, dandruff can occur anywhere on the body where hairs are present. Dandruff occurs in the beard also. This problem is quite embarrassing, and you won’t want dandruff to ruin your image, hence keep in mind the following remedy. Apply tea tree oil and coconut oil, which are antifungal and help you get rid of dandruff. If you don’t get the desired result, consult a skin specialist and seek treatment.   

3) Patchy Hair Growth  

This beard problem is faced by many people and is quite common. The beard does not grow in one or a few particular areas, which make it look uneven. Use olive oil and castor oil to promote growth in that region. Regular use of conditioner is essential, which will prevent thinning of hair.   


4) Acne  

Beard can be a little hard to handle when you have acne on your face due to it. You can’t just shave it off because that’s generally not an option. Beard acne happens because the hairs get trapped in the pimple and lead to infection due to moisture and heat. Exposure to pollution is also a significant factor for acne to grow. A bacterium accumulates around the hair follicles, and ingrown hair can contribute to inflammation. This can even cause painful acne around the face. As a cuere for this, use tea tree oil.  

5) Smelly Beard  

This problem is often caused due to improper hygiene. Grooming your beard s essential, and you need to develop a habit of making sure you wash your beard every 6 hours almost. A smelly beard can make situations uncomfortable for you. Use shampoo twice or thrice a week, sulphate free—conditioner to neutralise the smell with oil-rich lotions and beard creams if available.   

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6) Tangles Beard 

A few tangles in the beard must be fine, but a tangled beard looks unhygienic and unprofessional in most cases. Tangles are created in the beard mostly because the hairs grow long and thick, which results in tangling. To get a clean and subtle look, brush your beard regularly when it is wet. Apply beard lotion or oil after your beard grooming session to make dry ends tameable.  

7) Ingrown Hair  

Beard hairs, when shaved or cut, grow back into boil shaped instead of straight out, that part of your face has ingrown hair. This causes an itchy feeling the follicle gets inflamed by direct sunlight. It is more likely to happen if you have tight curly beard hairs. The hairs can be grown by putting some beard oil and wash your face an ample number of times to avoid further follicle or puss growth.   

8) Folliculitis  

Folliculitis is a situation where inflammation is caused due to bump in the skin. These bumps are created due to shaving techniques or dirty razor. Due to this condition, clusters are formed which are mostly red or dark shaded that skin colour. Use Mupirocin for bacterial infections, antifungal cream for fungal infections. Benzoyl peroxide can be very beneficial for the skin as well.     


9) Tinea Barbae  

It is a fungal infection in facial hairs if not maintained proper hygiene. A type of fungus called Dermatophyte causes it. Tinea Barbae also appears to be red, inflamed and crusty skin. It happens around your mouth, cheeks and under the chin area. It is quite similar to that of ringworm which is caused in the scalp. A topical antifungal therapy might work for a mild infection, but do consult a dermatologist if the infection is heavy. Usually oral antifungal therapy such as Itraconazole or Terbinafine is used for treatment.    

10) Dryness  

It is common to have dryness under the beard because the skin is covered and does not get moisture. Factors like dust, humidity and high temperature also make beard dry and rough. To avoid such condition, there are beard shampoos and conditioners available which can help. Make sure that they are sulphate free and natural. Use the shampoo or conditioner or beard twice a day.  


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Beard problems are widespread and need proper care. Itching, Ingrown hair, Tinea Barbae, Acne, Smelly beard and Patchy hair growth etc., are some of them. Home remedies for beard are available for these problems, which are also mentioned above. However, it is essential to consult a dermatologist before taking any remedy, especially in skin infections because of unknown allergies. Skincare is necessary for everyone because it reflects your personality and gives you self-confidence.  

(Written by Puru Bansal, Sub Editor, Onlymyhealth)    

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