Men's Hygiene Essentials: Here's How To Keep Your Beard Clean

Men's Hygiene Essentials: Wash your beard regularly to deal with itching. 

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Mar 17, 2020 17:25 IST
Men's Hygiene Essentials: Here's How To Keep Your Beard Clean

Men's Hygiene Essentials: Bearded men often look more attractive! But here's what a study shows! Do you know that men's beard hair has more germs than dogs? Moreover, 43% of women do not want to sleep with a bearded man because they don't want to get dirty (don't like their partner's beard). A similar report now states that bearded men have more germs in their facial hair than dogs. In this study, the small sample size was taken and 30 dogs and 18 males of different breeds were tested. Dangerous bacteria have been found in the beard of men compared to dogs.

What does the research say?

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Samples of bacteria were taken from the dog's throat, between the shoulder and the blade. The study included German dogs between 3 months to 13 years old (breeds). At the same time, the males provided scientists with samples of their beard hair (i.e. located below their mouth). The length of each hair was measured in centimetres by the researchers. Scientists found that male beards had significantly more microbes than dogs' neck fur. Moreover, such microbes were significantly more pathogenic to individuals. The study found more bacteria in men's beards than dogs.

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Germs in hair

Experts believe that comparative analysis can be done on the specimens of women's head hair (which can carry as much bacteria as the beard of men). Therefore, researchers say that males should clean their beards every day using water and shampoo. They also suggest applying beard oil to keep hair shiny as well as healthy. Let us know the right way to keep the beard clean.


The right way to clean the beard

  • Step-1: Clean the bearded area with water. Massage the beard with a small amount of beard shampoo. Now wash it with water.
  • Step 2: Massage with beard conditioner in the bearded area. Leave the conditioner to absorb in the hair for a minute. Now wash with water again.
  • Step-3: After the shower, comb the beard with a beard brush to remove the lumps.
  • Step-4: Apply a few drops of beard oil and then massage it.
  • Step-5: Re-combine your beard hair to create the shape you want and give it a style.

How often is it necessary to clean the beard?

Once or twice a week the beard should be cleaned. Do not wash it daily, rather, clean it regularly and try not to shave for too long.

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How to use beard cleaning products?

  • Use a balanced pH shampoo that will keep your beard soft.
  • pH 4.5 - 5.0 is considered a good pH balance, hence, can give a good cleaning of hair.
  • Use of beard products containing keratin protein can maintain the shine of your beard.

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