Types of combs and their uses

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Nov 27, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • Wide tooth combs are used for detangling the locks.
  • Picks help lift the hair away from the head.
  • Fine tooth tail comb are used for styling and parting hair.
  • Use a comb that has seamless teeth to avoid snagging.

Comb is one of the first articles created to enhance hair's beauty. Hair combs are made up of different materials and have different varieties.


combs uses


There are many kinds of combs having different uses:

Wide tooth combs - Are used for detangling the locks.

Fine tooth tail comb
- These combs have the appearance of a normal comb with a long, pointed tail coming off from one end, and are used for styling and parting hair.

Teasing combs - Are used in teasing the hair.

Styling combs with metal pins - are used for styling and smoothing the hair.

Picks – these are combs that are great in lifting the hair away from the head; it is also used to add volume, style and part hair.

Fine and wide tooth combs or cutting comb - Are divided into two parts: one part has a close and the other has a wide tooth. These are the most popular combs to use for cutting.


Combs are also made up of different materials. Take a look at the list below.

Plastics combs: These types of combs are made with plastics and are very common, cheap and water-resistant. They can also break easily if mishandled. If you buy a transparent type of this comb, it will be easier to clean.

: These types of combs are made with bones of animals, but there are other better and safer materials in the market that are an alternative to combs made of animal bones. Besides, they are available in different varieties and are inexpensive.

Metallic combs: These types of combs are made with metals such as aluminium. They are smooth, water-resistant and cannot be broken easily. They are best for styling, cutting hair and letting the hair lie flat.

Horns: These types of combs are made up of keratin and animal horns. They are expensive, but smooth and gentle to the hair. This type of comb is not water-resistant.

Wooden combs
: These types of combs are made up of wood such as boxwood, cherry and other fine wood. They can also be called natural comb. They can be very nice on the hair if they are completely silky. If used gently while combing, it can lessen breakage. This comb is not water-resistant and therefore, it can’t be cleaned with water, but oil.

Tips for using a comb

  • Don't use a close-teeth comb on wet hair as it will cause hair loss. Make sure that your combs are clean so that you don't end up contracting any scalp condition.
  • Always soak combs in vinegar and lemon to get rid of the dirt easily and for it to smell good.
  • Use combs that don't have sharp ends; suc combs can hurt your scalp and hair.
  • To avoid snagging, use a comb that has seamless teeth.



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