If you Think Bad Thoughts, you will Jinx your Health

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Apr 17, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • Recurring negative thoughts can retard the healing process.
  • They can also trigger maladaptive behaviours in the individual.
  • Telling yourseld that you are undeserving will make you so, eventually.
  • Harboring negative thoughts attracts people who think negatively.

It has been proven by researchers that thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and perceptions impact the physical as well as mental health directly.  And these very thoughts and beliefs are what engineer one’s actions or feelings to follow a certain pattern and style. Compared with history when the mind was of the church and the body of the physician, but health psychologists today say that what people think or believe can either increase risk of disease or restore health. A significant link can be established-to prove and understand this point-between intake of placebo and the betterment of disease.

For those who do not know what placebo is:it is a fake, make-believe drug whose power must be revered. Placebo can heal ulcers, drop blood pressure and vanish warts. Here are some of the negative effects that bad thoughts have on our health.  

impact of negative thoughts

Retard the Healing Process

Recurring negative thoughts are self-defeating for a person because they tend to retard the healing process of the body. Thinking that your body is incapable of healing when you are unwell will only truncate the complete process and delay the effect of treatment. In the objective findings of European study, it was found that recurring negative thoughts were linked to immune system dysfunctions.


Trigger Maladaptive Behaviours as well as Negative Emotions

Research psychologists have demonstrated from time to time that harboring negative thoughts attracts people who think negatively and negative situations. If you tend to think that you cannot make friends, you will spend your life reflecting a hard time selecting friends and keeping them. You can turn this trend around by bringing changes to the way you think.

negative thoughts and health

When your Doctor Tells you that you will Die

This is sometimes, referred to as medical hexing. When your doctor tells you that you do not have much time on earth, he/she doesn’t mean to hurt you or cause you more suffering because they do not know that they are inscribing in your subconscious mind a belief that you will not get well again, thus triggering a flow of negative thoughts. And this thought becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy; it makes you believe that you will really never recover and in reality, you end up not recovering.

It is not far from universal knowledge that keeping a healthy frame of mind ensures that one eats well, is physically active and works to keep fit and be disease-free. But, when you think that you are unhealthy, you tend to take to unhealthy habits such as smoking, not working out and eating unhealthy foods.


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