A Complete Diet Plan for Students to Achieve their Goal

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Apr 23, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • A healthy diet is very essential during examinations.
  • A diet containing vitamin B and iron is very necessary for a sharp brain.
  • Breakfast is the most important meal as it will keep you re-charged.
  • Consume sufficient anti-oxidants to have sharp memory.

The examination season may be over for now but the academic pressure continues year round. The late night study sessions may have come to an end for the time being but the eating habits you follow during these days have adverse affects on your health. To save time, many students end up feeding upon coffee, tea, pizzas, and burgers.
Your brain requires proper nutrition and energy while you study hard. In such a case, when you don’t eat a healthy diet it has ill effects in your health. Here are few tips which you must follow to have outstanding results on your academics as well as on your health.

Exam Diet

Vitamin B and Iron

Make sure your diet includes vitamin B and iron in ample quantity. Foods like pulses, spinach, soybean, wheat, and eggs are high on vitamin B and iron content. It will help you stay re-charged mentally and physically.


Instead of popping pills for vitamins and iron supplements, start eating fruits which are high on nutritional value. For example, instead of eating a vitamin C pill, you can have an orange. It will not only fulfill your vitamin requirement but at the same time it is loaded with fibers and many other minerals.

Eat in Intervals

While you study rigorously for hours, you start feeling low on energy. But if you eat at regular intervals it will help you keep going and eventually will help you quit the habit of eating improper foods.

Exam Diet

Eat Less

You don’t want to fall asleep during your study sessions. So, in order to avoid that situation eat in less quantity. Divide your 3 meals into 6 and in each meal eat less.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast before an examination is a must. Many studies have proven that skipping breakfast makes you lose focus. Students who eat their breakfast have a sharp memory and rarely forget anything. Your breakfast must consist of ample calcium, protein, and fiber. You can have cornflakes with a bowl filled with milk, fresh fruits, or vegetable salad.

Consume Anti-Oxidants

For a sharp memory and brain, eat as many anti-oxidants as possible. You can have bananas, blueberries, or sweet lime to have sufficient anti-oxidants.

Do not Skip Vegetables

Never skip eating green vegetables. Prefer dark coloured vegetables because darker the colour the higher nutritional value it has. You can add broccoli, spinach, and beetroot to your diet.

Have Liquid Diet

Drink lots of juices, green tea, and glucose drinks to stay fit all day long.

Along with a smart study plan you should also have a healthy diet plan to touch the heights. Eat healthy during exams and see the difference reflecting on your report cards.

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