Your Obesity Might Bring You Closer To Death Bed! Study Finds

If you are overweight or obese, don’t let the weight retain for long as it can cause fatal consequences including death.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Apr 16, 2021Updated at: Apr 16, 2021
Your Obesity Might Bring You Closer To Death Bed! Study Finds

Obesity is not good and if a person retains obesity for longer periods, it can cause serious health implications. We all know how obesity is a trigger to most chronic issues including diabetes and heart diseases. Scientists have now linked long-term weight retention with complications that may lead to a person’s death. Since being overweight can make you susceptible to severe ailments, retention can lead to even drastic consequences.

Research on Obesity

According to a research conducted by the University of Nottingham and published in the journal BMC Public Health, BMI or body mass index determines whether a person is healthy or overweight. Higher BMI indicates obesity and a stable increase in BMI shows retention of overweight which is a risk factor for most diseases. As per their findings, obese people are three times more likely to suffer from heart failure or cardiovascular damage as compared to overweight people.

Research on Obesity 

The lead author of this study Dr. Barbara Iyen said: “We have found that despite widespread efforts to prevent and manage obesity, the majority of adults who are overweight or obese in the general population continue to remain so in the long-term. More effective policies and weight-management interventions are needed urgently to address this increasing burden and associated adverse health outcomes.”

Is It Unhealthy to Be Overweight?

Obesity not only increases the risk of life-threatening diseases but also brings you closer to death due to heart failure or cardiovascular disease. The risk is lower in overweight people or those who brought down their BMI significantly or let’s say who didn’t let obesity retain for a long time. Coronary heart diseases are more common in obese people than overweight people. This is also because of socioeconomic deprivation that comes with obesity.

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Unhealthy to Be Overweight

One should keep checking their BMI at regular intervals to see if it is increasing. If yes, then they must exercise some measures to control this weight gain to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease-related complications and untimely death. Smart lifestyle choices, better dietary habits and improved physical activity can help in preventing this problem. It is okay to be overweight but don’t let it retain for long as it may become fatal for you. Fight obesity for a healthy and long life.

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