If You Don’t Want To Become Obese, Add Selenium To Your Diet

Adding selenium-rich foods to your diet can help in preventing obesity by inhibiting a hormone. To know more, read this article.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Apr 01, 2021 11:12 IST
If You Don’t Want To Become Obese, Add Selenium To Your Diet

Nutrients are very essential for the body as their deficiencies can cause some serious troubles. Selenium is one such nutrient that is extremely beneficial but people do not know about its importance. Selenium is proven to provide metabolic benefits that can be effective in preventing obesity. If you don’t wish to become obese, you must include selenium in your diet.

The journal ‘eLife’ published a study according to which selenium is an essential mineral for metabolic health. It can aid obesity and prevent a person from becoming obese. Healthspan is a term that is used to describe a healthy lifespan. Living a healthy and heart life requires you to eat healthily. If you want to increase your healthspan, you need to make certain dietary restrictions including inhibiting methionine(amino acid). People following a vegan diet are believed to receive the desired effects but not everyone can follow this diet. Thus, a team of researchers Orentreich Foundation for the Advancement of Science (OFAS) found that in order to limit methionine, one needs to consume selenium.

Does selenium aid weight loss

Does selenium aid weight loss?

Methionine restriction works as it limits IGF-1 hormone which is an energy-regulating hormone. In order to create a healthyspan without restricting diet, it was important to find something that could create the same effects as methionine restriction. Selenium supplementation or intake of selenium through diet provided similar effects.

The researchers found that selenium supplementation is more effective in preventing weight gain as compared to methionine restricting diet. Thus, it can be said that without limiting amino acid, you can control weight gain by adding selenium to your diet. This also prevents fat accumulation in the body that also accounts for weight loss.

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The lead author of this study Jay Johnson who is a Senior Scientist at OFAS says, “One of the major goals of ageing research is to identify simple interventions that promote human healthspan. Here we present evidence that short-term administration of either organic or inorganic sources of selenium provides multiple health benefits to mice, the most notable of which being the prevention of diet-induced obesity. In the long term, we expect that supplementation with these compounds will also prevent age-related disease and extend the overall survival of mice. It is our hope that many of the benefits observed for mice will also hold true for humans.”

You should aim at having a balanced diet that can provide your body with varied nutrients. Selenium is a potent nutrient that can aid weight loss. Add selenium-rich foods to your diet to achieve a healthy lifespan without becoming obese.

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