Your face can indicate serious health problems

Your face is a mirror to your health. If anything goes out of order inside the body, your face will start sending signals. It is for you to look out for them. Here is how you can identify.

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Your face can indicate serious health problems

Did you take glance at the mirror before leaving for work today? Sure, you did. But was the glance deep enough to help you identify the health problems that your face was trying to indicate? Sure it wasn’t. Your face is a mirror to your health and when things are not well inside, your face starts reflecting it. It is for you to take the signals. Following are some indicators that will help you identify health problems that your face reveals.


Face Indicates Health Problems



Lines on forehead

Lines on the forehead can indicate digestive problems. You can fight the problems by drinking warm water with a pinch of lemon juice first thing in the morning.



Ageing lines

The ageing lines around the mouth are usually caused by smoking. To reduce the appearance of these lines, you must lessen your amount of smokes per day and gradually quit. Also, apply lip balm regularly to keep your lips soft and young.



Itchy ears

If you have itchy ears, you are suffering from a hidden allergy or low tolerance. Skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema are the signs that a person suffers from vitamin D deficiency. To combat the conditions, expose your arms and face to sunshine and grab the essential vitamin.


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Pimples on forehead

This is a sign of a problem with liver and stomach congestion. Drink lots of water to remove toxins from the body. You must also eat a plenty of liver-friendly foods like green leafy vegetables and cut down on processed foods and caffeine.



Dark circles under eye

If you find dark circles under your eyes despite sufficient sleep and rest, it may be a result of food intolerance. To fight this, exclude dairy products and wheat from your diet. Also, reduce the amount of alcohol intake.


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Acne around jawline

When the level of skin-friendly oestrogen reduces in the body, the skin loses its shine and acne may develop. The condition usually occurs in elderly women who develop acne cysts deep in the dermis and can be usually found on the jawline and hairline. You can treat the condition by eating apricots, sweet potatoes and mangoes as they contain plenty of vitamin A which can normalize the production and life cycle of skin cells.

So, give all these signs a serious thought and let your face look brighter than ever.



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