7 Yoga Exercises That Can Help Shape Your Face And Jawline

Face yoga helps keep your face and jawlines toned and prevents premature ageing of the face.

Sushmita Sharma
Written by: Sushmita SharmaUpdated at: Feb 04, 2023 17:30 IST
7 Yoga Exercises That Can Help Shape Your Face And Jawline

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Most people want a sharp jawline and a toned face to enhance their appearance. Just like working out in the gym is important to keep your body in shape, so is face yoga for your face. Face yoga helps keep your face and jawline toned and prevents premature ageing of the face. It has many benefits; the best thing is that you won’t have to spend a single penny to enhance your look. It is easy to perform and you can reap maximum benefits. 

Benefits Of Face Yoga

  • Face yoga helps increase blood circulation to your skin and keeps it healthy.
  • It is beneficial in improving fine lines, wrinkles, and creases on your face
  • It helps strengthen your facial muscles 
  • Face yoga can also help reducing stress and improving your mental health
  • It reduces puffiness and under-eye circles
  • It makes your face glow and tightens your skin

Face Yoga Exercises That You Should Try

Here are some face yoga exercises that you can practise to have a more toned face and a sharp jawline.

Fish Face

Step 1: Pull your lips and cheeks inward, trying to make a fish face. 

Step 2: Hold this expression and try smiling for at least 30 seconds.

Step 3: Repeat this 3 to 5 times.

Kissing The Ceiling

Step 1: Sit or stand in a comfortable position and make sure that your back is straight. 

Step 2: Tilt your head towards the ceiling and pucker your lips like you are trying to kiss the ceiling.

Step 3: Hold this pose for about five seconds and repeat the same cycle.

Neck Stretches

Step 1: Take a deep breath before starting this exercise

Step 2: Start by moving your chin toward your left shoulder.

Step 3: Now, turn back slowly and move towards the direction of your right shoulder.

Step 4: Breathe out slowly and repeat this cycle.

Lion Pose

Step 1: Start by opening your mouth and eyes wide.

Step 2: Bring your chin closer to your chest.

Step 3: Now, take out your tongue while making the sound of a lion.

Step 4: You can breathe in while closing your mouth.

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Chin Lock

Step 1: Slowly incline the head forward and downward toward the front of the chest from the back of the neck. 

Step 2: Take a deep breath, raise your chest, and hold your breath for ten seconds.

Step 3: Repeat this exercise to get rid of a double chin.

Cheek Lifts

Step 1: Place three fingers of each hand on your cheeks (area below your eyes).

Step 2: Lift your cheeks by smiling and hold this for three to five seconds.

Step 3: Repeat this at least 10 to 20 times.

Forehead Smoother

Step 1: Start by making a fist with each hand.

Step 2: Place both fists in the middle of your forehead. Make sure that the knuckles of your hands are touching when you place the fists on your forehead.

Step 3: Press your knuckles gently into your forehead as you inhale.

Step 4: As you exhale, softly move your knuckles toward your temples.

Step 5: You can repeat this three to five times.