Yellow, Green, Brown and More: What Does The Colour Of My Snot Mean?

Have you ever noticed the colour of your snot? If not, check it the next time you see. Different colour snots have different meanings.

Gandharv Gulati
Other DiseasesWritten by: Gandharv GulatiPublished at: Jul 30, 2020Updated at: Jul 30, 2020
Yellow, Green, Brown and More: What Does The Colour Of My Snot Mean?

You might have seen your snot when you sneezed without a tissue and the snot got to stick on your hands! It sounds yuck but haven’t we all end up in a situation like this at some point in our lives? Coming back to the point, the snot is never of one colour. It may be yellow, green or maybe black sometimes. The colour of your snot can tell a lot about your health. Let’s find out.


Clear snot

Clear snot is a sign of a healthy body and that everything is alright. You may not know but our body produces this snot(which is nothing but mucus) daily. It comes out when you sneeze but mostly, it is swallowed and dissolves in the stomach. Your body continues to produce it to prevent sinuses.

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White snot

If you gave common cold with a stuffy nose and congested chest, your snot would be white. There would be inflammation in your nose which causes loss of water content. Mostly, when there is an underlying infection or cold, your snot is white. The symptoms that you’d see are sneezing, coughing, headache, mild body aches, fever, chest congestion and sore throat.

Yellow snot

White snot is followed by yellow snot which means that you’re down with an infection and your body is fighting it. The colour yellow depicts that the body cells like WBCs are trying to kill the hostile germs. After the cells degrade post killing the germs, they are discarded with the snot which causes a yellowish tint.

Green snot 


if the infection that has targeted your body is still there, the immunity system fights it with maximum capacity. Some white blood cells may be killed while fighting the germ which gives the snot a green colour. This mostly happens in case of sinus infections and medical assistance may not be required.

Red or Pink snot

This mostly happens in case of nose bleeding. The blood gives a red or pink tint to the mucus and it would come out bloody. There are several reasons behind the bloody snot. It could be due to nose-picking or a pimple popped up inside the nose or you hit the nose and it bled a little. This is common but if it happens on a regular basis, you must see a doctor. For example, people who had a serious accident or nose injury may suffer from nose bleeding often which may cause red snot. If the injury is small, apply ointments on it to allow healing.

Black snot

If you find your snot to be black, it means something serious is happening with your body and you must attend to it. Mostly, black snot is an indication of a serious fungal infection. Commonly, people with a weaker immune system and susceptible to viral, bacterial and fungal infections are highly likely to get a black snot. The four main fungal infections that cause black snot are allergic fungal sinusitis, mycetoma fungal sinusitis, fulminant sinusitis and chronic indolent sinusitis.


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We know it is disgusting to see what colour is the snot, but is essential as it helps understand your health, and existing health conditions if any! Hence, if next time you snot and you see some difference in the colour, do not forget to connect with a health specialist for further diagnosis. 

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