Why your beard may grow in a different colour than your hair

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Sep 06, 2016
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  • The colour of a hair follicle is determined by melanin pigments.
  • There are two types of melanin.
  • The ratios of both determines the final colour of a follicle.
  • Having beard of different colour is completely normal.

With all the unprecedented craze for beards spread all over the Internet, the question still remains unanswered. Well, we can see all kinds of beards, with all kinds of shapes and sizes but what is wrong or so right about some beards that catch our attention is the difference in the colour of some beards and the rest of the hair. Some men have different colour on the beard as they have on the hair on their head. So why do some beards grow in a different colour than the hair? If you also have a beard colour that is different from your hair, here is everything you need to know about different beard and hair colour.



It’s all normal

The first and most important thing you need to know if you have different coloured beard is that there is nothing wrong with your face or your health and it’s normal to have different coloured beard. Experts blame it on pigments and genetics. It is the same set of reasons that cause the difference between red hair or blonde hair or any other type of hair.


Types of Melanin

Your hair gets the colour from pigments called melanin. People have different levels or types of melanin in their hair which causes different colour of their hair. Without melanin your hair would start turning grey or become completely white in its absence.


Pheomelanin, a very light type of melanin is responsible for blonde or red hair, while eumelanin, the darker type of melanin is responsible for darker hair. So the colour of a strand of hair is determined by the amount or type of melanin it has. Your body may distribute different levels or types of melanin pigments to the hair on your face as compared to the hair on your head which will cause the difference in colour.

Moreover, even the distribution of melanin in a hair follicle from root to the tip might also not be even which may also result in change in the tone of the colour from root to the tip. The distribution of melanin in the hair is determined by genetics. For example, people with black hair have more amount of eumelanin in their hair which is also evenly distributed as compared to red heads who have more amount of pheomelanin at the bottom of hair follicles than the tip.


The changing balance

So the colour of your hair is determined by the proportions of eumelanin and pheomelanin it has. It appears that is it common for men to have a different ratio of distribution of the types of melanin as they have around over their head, which leads to a different colour on their beard. So grow your beard the way you like without worrying about the reasons behind that colour difference.


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