Why taking a gene test should be on the top of your health priority list for 2017!

The promise of genetic testing is that it can tell you more about the way you're built, so that you can tailor your lifestyle to fit your biology.

Nikita Bhalla
Mind BodyWritten by: Nikita Bhalla Published at: Jan 31, 2017
 Why taking a gene test should be on the top of your health priority list for 2017!

On a rather atypical evening last summer, I scoured the web for signing up for my next long distance run. For a long time, I’d wanted to improve my run record and overall fitness levels, so when I saw a marathon that was to happen a month later, it felt like the perfect excuse to get back to my goals.

DNA and genes

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What followed was an unplanned regime schedule with my zeal to do that one extra rep or run just a few more miles that I already could, basically was lost somewhere.

In fact, I started to sense a strange reason this time even in my eating habit apart from just throwing up on milk (which I’ve always been averse to, courtesy my milk intolerance ever since a child)—I had now also fallen prey to the evil ‘that’s-too-much-caffeine-for-you-syndrome’,like never before.

A lot of my fitness parameters changed within a few weeks and so did the diet elements.

That’s also surprisingly when I read about getting a gene test done—yes, it’s a real deal. All you need to do was send a small vial of saliva to a DNA testing company, in my case it was The Gene Box.If you’re wondering how a test like this could be helpful, here, take a note—it basically gives you a personalised information about your ancestry and genes linked to any major diseases, your physical activity and dietary elements that could play havoc with your system.

Sounds interesting, right? Exactly why I got excited to dig into my results when they showed up online afterwards and before getting on a call with an expert who could decipher the results for me.


Here’s what I found out:

Not only will the Gene Box give you a profound insight into your body make up, it would also make you understand what’s unique about you. The test also helps you uncover crucial information about your body, which has eluded you from achieving the greatness in you up until now.

By decoding your DNA, you will not only understand your genetic predispositions, but it will also act as a starting point for you to embark on attaining the health & wellbeing that one always aspires to achieve.

This test will unravel the mystery about how your body’s nutrition and fitness genes work.

The test results are divided into 3 major sections: Nutri-genetics, fitness genomics and health genomics.

Nutri-genetics: This genetic metabolic screen assesses how your genes may impact specific metabolic processes that have a bearing on your overall health. Food and its nurients directly and indirectly influence our gene expressions; for instance, it would give you a heads-up on areas related to your diet like vitamin and iron requirements, lactose and gluten intolerance, eating behavior, salt and caffeine sensitivity and others. These genetic variations therefore could affect certain metabolic traits that would dictate your body’s dietary needs and requirements.

Fitness genomics:This part of yourgenetic assessment helps you to decide a fitness regimen that suits you in the best way possible, giving your body the maximum benefits that it requires to carry out physical activities.This assessment parameter includes aerobic capacity, sprinting, flexibility, muscle fatigue resistance, endurance and injury and repair among other factors.

Health genomics: This part of your genetic assessment basically screens you for all your lifestyle-related but serious health conditions like obesity, hypertension, heart attack, diabetes, cardiac arrest and stroke.

While the gene test does not necessarily pose a sign of illness, an interesting fact that you need to remember is that--your genes can’t change, but your lifestyle can.


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