Things that we are all guilty of doing in winters

We skip showers, we wear same clothes for days and we are guilty of doing some more gross things. Read on to know!

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Mind BodyWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Jan 05, 2017
Things that we are all guilty of doing in winters

I seriously wish to meet the people who take regular showers, to me it’s nearly impossible.


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Winters come with a lot of compulsions. Yes, doing everything in winters is a big compulsion, from getting out of the bed in the morning to taking a shower. Winters are the time when laziness gets the best of us and we do things that can almost gross any one out.

We all are guilty of doing certain things in winters and it is not our fault. It is too cold.



Skipping showers

This morning I did not take bath. Yes, it was way too cold and I look clean. We all skip showers every other day in winters. Guilty!



Wearing dirty thermals

We all sniff our day old thermals and if the stench is bearable, we wear it under the many layers of clothes.


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Not getting up on time

Getting out of blanket seems like an impossible task. It’s too cold, you’re too lazy, whatever the reason is, getting out of the warm blanket in morning becomes a bit difficult and you decide not leave it, only to run late for all your errands.



The coffee snotter

Simmering cup… cups of coffee is all you can think of. You overlook your health and chug down cups of coffee.



No need to wax

Women across the globe are guilty of this one thing, not getting their arms, legs and other body parts waxed because they will be only keeping it covered. I haven’t waxed my arms and legs and even underarms for more than a month now and I’m guilty as charged.


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Cancelling plans

No! It’s too cold outside; I would rather stay at home and have my warm coffee while I will be wrapped in my blanket and it’s not only me, it’s all of us. We all cancel plans, betray our friends.



Riding as pillion

Riding as a pillion as it is too cold. The friend riding the bike will pass out of cold but you just sit shamelessly in the back.



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