5 Tales about your body you won’t believe aren’t true

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Jan 06, 2017
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  • Your urine may appear clear but it harbours different species of bacteria.
  • Amount of bacteria your food grabs from floor doesn’t just depend on the time.
  • Use of our brain is not limited to just 10 percent.

Sometimes, the wisdom passed down through generations which we often refer to as “old wives tales” turns out to be true. It won’t be wrong to say that nothing struck with us more than the words of our mothers and grandmothers, as some of us still follow those words of wisdom throughout our lives. But, does that mean that you have to believe anything and everything, when you hear something super interesting preceded by “they say” from people who know-it-all?



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It won’ t be a good idea to do so because when it comes to matters of biology, most people apparently have no clue whatsoever. You will be startled to know that 90 to 95 percent of the tales that we have been told about our bodies are not true.

Below are some of the body facts you might have heard from your family, relatives, friends and even from your doctors that fail to stand up to scientific scrutiny.


Your urine is sterile

Your pee may appear nearly crystal clear but it's full of bacteria that you can not see with your naked eyes. According to researchers at Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University Chicago, women’s urine harbors at least 85 species of bacteria. Although, no definitive test has been done yet but researchers believe that men’s pee would not be any different when it comes to harbouring bacteria.


Follow the 5-second rule and you won’t get sick

Although the so-called 5-second rule has been carefully tested but the amount of bacteria that sticks to your food depends upon on the type of food and the type of floor rather than the amount of time your food stayed on the ground. Food that is sticky and moist, for instance, will trap more bacteria than a dry and crusty bread. Similarly, a floor having slick tile will transfer more germs as the bacteria sit right on its surface, than a floor that is made from wood or have thick carpet as the bacteria can burrow down a bit. Bacteria can live for weeks on the floor, so when your food falls on the floor, the bacteria transfer to that food almost instantly. That’s the kind of bacteria that can make you really sick.


Shave to get thicker and darker hair

You might have heard about this one quite a few times and its possible that you have even tried it. But shaving doesn't cause your hair to grow back thicker and darker; in fact shaving roughly may hurt the shaft causing thinner growth.


You only use 10 percent of your brain

No one knows how this fiction formed; but nobody cared to fact check it. Maybe because we love to believe that we have some untapped supernatural potential.


You lose most of the body heat through your head

It sounds likely to be a fact; but it isn't. We lose body heat based on the surface area of the body part exposed. So you lose as much heat through your arms or legs as much you lose through the head.


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