Why Neon Tape is taking Olympics by Storm

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Aug 13, 2012

Why the Neon Tape is taking Olympics by Storm

If there is a relieving word for injury at the Olympics, it is Kinesio, the neon tape that has taken the Olympics by storm. Kinesio was created by a Japanese acupuncturist and chiropractor named Kenzo Kase. Made from medical-grade cotton and adhesive, the waterproof tape gently creates pressure along the skin. It has been believed that the tape helps improve blood circulation, thereby easing injuries.

The physical therapists and athletes say that the tape reduced or treated pain and inflammation, thereby improving performance. Scientific studies, however, have not been able to back the claims of the company that makes the tapes. Michael Good, international director for the company, said that the tape does not claim that it is a cure for injuries, but is an adjunct therapy.

Good also mentioned that the tapes are being used by some of the best athletes at the Olympics. He added that the presence of the tapes reminds the trainers to be cautious about the problem area, thereby providing them confidence that something is being done to heal the problem area.



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