Malaria Vaccine to be Reality soon

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Aug 08, 2012

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Medical breakthrough Malaria Vaccine to be Reality soon

Scientists have found a genome of malaria parasite that comprises 65% of malaria cases in India, thereby calling in the development of vaccines to fight the disease. The National Institute of Malaria Research in India participated in the study that put lights on plasmodium vivax. P. vivax is a species of malaria that causes problems to humans and is known to be the most prevalent human malaria outside of Africa.

The study, which was lead by Jane Carlton from the New York University’s Center for Genomics and Systems Biology, found that there was significant amount of genetic variation in P. Vivax compared with wed thought, which can make the diseases adept at evading any drug or vaccine. Carlton, who is also heading the International Center of Excellence for Malaria Research in India, said that with the available knowledge in understanding the challenges that they face, they can move ahead with deeper analysis of the genomic variation to pursue better and more effective methods.

The researchers did the study by analysing the P. vivax strains from different locations, such as West Africa, Asia and South America. This provided the researchers with the first genome-wide perspective of the existence of a global variety of the species. The study found that P. Vivax has twice the genetic diversity worldwide than Plasmodium Falciparum strains, thereby revealing an unexpected ability to evolve and present new challenges in the lookout for better treatments.



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