Why India Sees Massive Dengue Outbreaks Every Year

Every year, lakhs of people get dengue and the cases only increase every year. Doctor explains why is dengue prevalent in India.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Aug 05, 2022Updated at: Aug 05, 2022
Why India Sees Massive Dengue Outbreaks Every Year

Dengue is a debilitating mosquito-borne illness that may turn fatal if not dealt with  on time. Sadly, there is no treatment for dengue as of now, neither are there medicines nor vaccines, which makes this illness more critical. Every year, India witnesses dengue outbreaks, with lakhs of cases and the number keeps on increasing year on year. We spoke to Dr. Inder Kasturia, General Physician and Founder of Meddo Family and Dental Clinic to know why this happens and what measures can be taken to control the dengue outbreak in the country.

Why does dengue outbreak every year?

India sees a massive outbreak of dengue every year because of some reasons which can be easily controlled. These are:

  • Poor sewer systems lead to pooling of water in many of the cities in India which leads to breeding of mosquitoes.
  • Many people store water in their habitat because of shortage of water in many parts of India. This makes the place perfect for breeding mosquitoes.
  • There are no adequate efforts from the government to develop a vaccine against Dengue because of other prevalent health conditions.
  • Lack of awareness in the community to prevent mosquito bites and to avoid breeding places for mosquitoes.

This is the harsh reality of our country. People are less concerned about mosquito-borne illnesses and remain careless about hygiene and sanitation practices in their surroundings. Also, since there is no treatment for dengue developed so far, it makes the situation worse.

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 Dengue Outbreaks

Risk of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

Most cases of deaths due to dengue are due to developing dengue hemorrhagic fever, which is the most severe form of dengue. While dengue is characterised by high fever, fatigue, weakness, headache, and light sensitivity, symptoms of DHF are severe. Sudden drop in blood pressure, bleeding from gums and nose, bruising, skin haemorrhage, etc. are the signs that a person has entered a severe dengue stage. At this point, they should be provided with immediate medical aid and hospitalisation. Doctors should monitor the condition of the patient and provide treatment accordingly. Prevention and management are the only two possibilities for dengue control.

Dr. Kasturia also suggests that the government should take help of  private partners to eliminate the root cause of dengue outbreak by:

  • Improving sanitation and avoiding water pooling.
  • Increasing awareness for prevention of infection and timely treatment.
  • Should go for vaccine development in the country. We can save the lives of our citizens and export it to other countries.

Amid coronavirus and monkeypox viruses, dengue poses a major threat to the public. We are already dealing with many  life-threatening viruses and infections. It is high time that we take matters into our hands and act since dengue is a viral illness that can be easily prevented with the right practices.

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Tips For Dengue Prevention In India

 Dengue Outbreaks

Here are some tips that Indians must exercise to keep themselves safe from dengue outbreaks.

  • Use mosquito repellent creams, patches, wipes, etc. These keep all mosquitoes away reducing the risk of infected mosquito bites. If your skin is sensitive, you may consult a doctor for a hypoallergenic mosquito repellent solution.
  • Protective clothing should be considered. You should wear full-sleeved clothes while visiting vulnerable areas like parks, water bodies, and tropical areas where dengue is prevalent.
  • Avoid water collection around the house to prevent breeding of mosquitoes. If needed, you must cover water with a lid to refrain breeding.
  • You can also place mosquito deterrents inside the house to restrict entry of mosquitoes and kill those that are in. You can also use vaporizers with essential oils to repel mosquitoes.
  • Sleep in mosquito nets if you reside in areas with dengue risk. Since kids are prone to mosquito bites, parents should ensure their safety.

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