Weight Loss Or Muscle Building: Which Is Easy In Summer?

Weight loss and muscle gain are numbers game that can easily be accomplished by being consistent. 

Ishaan Arora
Written by: Ishaan AroraUpdated at: Apr 19, 2023 17:48 IST
Weight Loss Or Muscle Building: Which Is Easy In Summer?

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From membership deals to outdoor workouts, summer is one of the best times to transform. No surprise, a person has the opportunity to participate in water sports and outdoor activities. When a person exercises during the summer, they not only burn calories, but they can also sweat off toxins from the body. After all, one can only exercise if they have a specific objective in mind, such as weight loss or muscle strengthening. Many people feel that summer is a weight-loss month and that people should focus on losing weight, but is this true? So, before you skip breakfast or go on a long workout, let's first learn when weight loss and muscle building occur, which is easy and what should you focus on. 

When Does Weight Loss Happen?

The basic requirement of losing weight is maintaining a calorie deficit. If a person weighs 60 kg, their maintenance calories would be roughly 1,800, and anything less would put them in a deficit. A person can establish a deficit in two ways: eating fewer than their maintenance calories or working out to burn those extra calories. If someone is looking for quick weight loss, they can double the weight loss by combining eating less and daily workouts. 

What Is The Requirement For Muscle Gain? 

Muscles are the "new normal" in today's society, and building muscle necessitates eating in a surplus. If a 50 kg person wants to gain muscle, they should consume 200-300 calories more than their maintenance. A 50 kg person has a maintenance level of roughly 1500, and if they consume 1,700 calories per day, they can easily gain muscle. The key thing to remember is that lifting weights is a basic requirement for muscle building, and lifting weights burns calories. As a result, you must ensure that your surplus is maintained. 

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Weight Loss Or Muscle Gain: Which Is Easy In Summer?

Both weight loss and muscle gain are the game of numbers. It makes little difference whether you live in a hot or cold area; you can easily achieve both by keeping consistent and eating according to your goals. 

Weight Loss Or Muscle Gain: What Should Be Your Goal?

Weight loss and muscle gain are both bodybuilding concepts as they have to do it look stage-worthy. The goal for the normal person who simply wants to get in shape and improve their general health should be to focus on body recomposition. What is body recomposition? Body recomposition is one of the most effective strategies to burn fat while building muscle. The only requirement for body recomposition is that you should not consume more calories than your maintenance calories. Second, 60% of your calories should come from protein and lift weights three or four times per week. 

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Irrespective of what your goal is, weight loss or muscle gain, make it a habit to have a blood test done before starting a new diet, as it will allow you to understand your body and transform more easily.