Tracking Progress: How To Avoid Getting Discouraged In First 30 Days Of Transformation

Avoiding the weighing machine and instead looking for the following signs will help you stay motivated during your transformation. 

Ishaan Arora
Written by: Ishaan AroraUpdated at: Apr 19, 2023 08:30 IST
Tracking Progress: How To Avoid Getting Discouraged In First 30 Days Of Transformation

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Body transformation posts are among the one which makes the most rage on the internet. But have you ever wondered why some people can transform and others cannot? This is because body transformation is a long-term game that demands a person to be consistent with their diet and training for at least 90 days in order to see visible changes. 

Following a diet, exercising regularly, sleeping on time and still not seeing a difference in weight on the scale during the first 30 days is the most common reason why people give up their transformation goal and think of crash dieting. So, before you starve yourself all day or skip the next session, let's first learn why you shouldn't trust your weighing machine and how to prevent being discouraged during the first 30 days of the transformation. 

Why You Should Not Get Obsessed With Your Weighing Machine?

A weighing machine is one of the best instruments for tracking your progress, but when it comes to bodily transformation, you should forget about the scale. Many aspects influence body transformation, including hydration, internal wellness and stress level. There's a chance your clothes are getting loose, but those changes don’t always reflect on the scale. 

Body Transformation Signs To Look Out For

The Things you should focus on during the first 30 days of your transformation other than the weighing machine include:

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1) Look For Healthy Organs

When a person diets and consumes healthy foods, their internal health improves, but these improvements are not obvious on the outside. The best approach is to get a medical checkup, which will not only provide you with a clear image of your organ health but will also help you identify any deficiencies that you may work on. 

2) Celebrate Small Wins

Improved sleep cycle, immunity, and metabolism are all things that are frequently overlooked. When someone diets, the first thing that happens is that their sleep pattern improves, followed by their immunity and metabolism. If you wake up feeling refreshed the next day and your food is quickly digested, you should rejoice and enjoy your transformation process. 

3) Don't Compare Yourself To Others

In the era of social media, it's simple to get caught up in comparing oneself to other people. Remember that every person's body and goal are unique, and comparing yourself to others will only make you feel disheartened. The best way is to stay consistent and loyal with your diet and celebrate your unique journey.

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4) Track Your Progress

You can never get discouraged if you start tracking your progress. Suppose you were only able to perform 10 push-ups on day one. It is obvious that your rep range will improve towards the end of 30 days, which is what you should focus on. If your reps do not increase, either you were not consistent with your training or you chose the wrong training method.  

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