What must one expect before Blood Tests?

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Jul 11, 2011

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Quick Bites

  • In a blood test, blood sample is examined in a lab for diseases or other reasons.
  • Blood tests are simple, painless procedures.
  • Talk to your doctor before a blood test for details.
  • They will explain to you before the test about what is going to happen.

A blood test is a medical procedure in which a medical professional takes a blood sample and examines it in a laboratory. A blood test can help diagnose diseases, and also to monitor the levels of vitamins and minerals in the body. The most common reasons for blood testing are paternity testing, blood typing, STD testing, blood cell counts, cholesterol testing, and glucose testing.


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What to expect before a blood test

A blood test is done in two ways – drawing from a vein in the arm using a needle connected to the vial and pricking your finger with a small needle. Here is what you should expect before a blood test.

Blood tests are simple, painless procedures. It can be a little scary and you may get nervous about having a blood test. If you are nervous, you can talk to your doctor about the procedure and get the assurance to feel as comfortable as possible. When going to the clinic for a test, you can also take somebody with you so that you feel more comfortable.


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It is better to talk to your doctor before a blood test as some of them require you to fast for a period of time. If this is the case, you will not be permitted to eat anything or drink anything other than water for the set period of time. The doctor will provide you all the details about your test, including about the fasting and other precautions.

They will explain to you before the test about what is going to happen. If you’ve had lots of blood tests in the past, you will be aware of most of the things. In most cases, there is no preparation needed and the doctor or nurse will begin taking the sample.


The reading on a blood test can vary between each individual. The factors that influence blood tests include age, prescription medications, hormones, dietary regimen and stress levels. If you are on a specific diet, pursuing treatment or on medications, let your physician know about it beforehand.



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