Skin Fasting: Know The Ins and Outs Of This Popular Skin Detox Trend

Skin fasting is one of the latest skin trends that are aimed at detoxifying the skin by not applying any skin care or makeup product on the skin. It has worked for many. Know all about skin fasting in this article.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Sep 23, 2019 10:33 IST
Skin Fasting: Know The Ins and Outs Of This Popular Skin Detox Trend

Have you heard about skin fasting? This latest skincare trend is put to test by a lot of beauty influencers for its claims of skin detoxification and rejuvenation. This treatment has been doing the rounds on the Internet lately which is all about completely discarding the use of skin care products for a couple of days.

This is a Japanese beauty hack that is inspired by Hippocrates's belief that skin fasting is a great healing mechanism that would make your skin bright and beautiful. A lot of skin and beauty experts examined this trend to see if it actually works or is just another fad!

The Idea Behind Skin Fasting

Japanese believe that not applying any skincare product on the skin for a day or two would help your skin breathe. This is seen as a skin-detoxifying process that would regulate the production of natural oils in the skin. According to them, overuse of skincare and makeup products affects the skin’s natural oils where after a certain time, there is no oil left on the skin. This dries out the skin making way for fine lines and wrinkles. Thus, they invented this strange method of skin fasting just like how Korean invented 10-step skincare regime.

What Is Skin Fasting?

Like how we observe fast by not feeding the stomach, the same theory is of skin fasting where we do not apply any product on the skin. You are allowed to use only plain water to cleanse the skin and nothing else. This is a great healing practice for the skin.

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Our skin too needs a detox just like the body. Similar to diet restrictions, there are some restrictions that you need to follow for skin fasting. The main aim of this therapy is to give a break to your skin from all kinds of cosmetic products and other skin treatments that you do on a daily basis. It is done for a set period where you shouldn’t apply anything on your face for that given time. Giving some time to your skin to breathe is a great idea!

Directions to follow

  • Do not apply any cream or serum or anything on your face for that period.
  • Just cleanse your face with normal water.
  • Avoid going out in dirt and sunlight to avoid damage to skin cells.

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How often can you do this fasting?

It totally depends on the individual person’s skin. You can go for this detox once in a week or once in a month or in once in three months, whatever works for you. Ultimately, it is your skin and you know what’s better for it. However, if your skin is extremely dull and oily, you should detox it once every week.

This popular detox trend is particularly good for people who wear makeup and chemical-based skin care products regularly. Dermatologists tout skin fasting to be a mini-vacation for your skin! Although don’t overdo it.

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