What Is Oxygen Therapy? Know All The Benefits Of This Treatment

OXygen therapy is the need of the hour. read more about its applications. 

 Onlymyhealth Staff Writer
Written by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterUpdated at: Dec 27, 2019 18:14 IST
What Is Oxygen Therapy? Know All The Benefits Of This Treatment

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Oxygen therapy is a treatment therapy that works to maintain your blood- oxygen level. In the present context of air pollution, deforestation, and global warming, it becomes very fundamental to know about it. Today people are not just sleep-deprived but they are oxygen-deprived too. Breathing is the primary word for existence. Let us tell you the oxygen therapy process and how can it help to cure several disorders.


Sleep Apnea:

In this disorder, the patient experiences shallow breathing. This makes one's blood deprived or deficient of oxygen. In such cases, the doctor recommends the use of oxygen therapy. Once the optimum amount of oxygen is present in the blood, the patient starts feeling less lethargic and more lively. 

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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease:

In this disorder, the patient suffers difficulty in breathing. It is a type of emphysema. Due to inflammation of the lungs and the loss in elasticity of bronchi, the air inhaled contains less concentration of oxygen. This therapy can be proven very helpful for any such patient who is suffering from COPD. Apart from just taking this therapy, the person should also quit smoking, as this is a disorder very frequent among the chain smokers. 



In asthma, the body part which is affected is the trachea and bronchioles. They become allergic and very sensitive. Usually, the inner lining of the respiratory passage becomes sore and swollen. In such cases, the patient is not able to breathe and the blood again is oxygen deficient. Hence even though asthma cannot be cured completely and just the symptoms can be taken care of, patients can use oxygen therapy to feel better.

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How Is Oxygen Administered?

Oxygen therapy can also be performed at home if the necessary equipment is present. There are different ways in which oxygen could be administered in the body: 

  • Tubes in the nostrils 
  • Face mask
  • A tube inserted into the trachea

Note: Pure oxygen is highly flammable, therefore the patients and the family members should be precautious while administering oxygen. 


What could be the possible side effects of oxygen therapy?

A condition is known as oxygen toxicity, can be developed if more than the required amount of oxygen is present inside the blood. This increases the measures of partial pressure and disturbs the inhaling and exhaling cycle. 

The circulatory system can stop performing. As the circulation of blood is just due to the development of pressure gradients, it becomes very necessary to understand that an exceedingly high amount of oxygen in the blood could prove lethal. 

Hence, always taking steps under medical supervision is a very crucial step in oxygen therapy. Otherwise, it can cause more harm than to be proven of any good. read more on Miscellaneous