Ever heard of Eyebrow dandruff? Know Tips to Tackle This Issue

Dandruff in the eyebrows is referred to as eyebrow dandruff which can happen to anybody of any age.

Gandharv Gulati
Written by: Gandharv GulatiUpdated at: Aug 24, 2020 18:46 IST
Ever heard of Eyebrow dandruff? Know Tips to Tackle This Issue

Dandruff in the scalp is common but eyebrow dandruff is not. Though there is nothing much to worry about if you see flaky eyebrows as they are easily treatable. In most cases, these either occur in babies or teenagers as your eyebrows have oil-producing glands that make dandruff on eyebrows a common phenomenon.

Causes of eyebrow dandruff

One of the main causes of eyebrow dandruff is seborrheic dermatitis which is a chronic condition. If you see greasy skin, whitish scales or a rash along with dandruff, you might have seborrheic dermatitis. However, this is not the only cause. The other reasons behind eyebrow dandruff are:

Contact Dermatitis- This is a condition caused when a new substance is used on your skin. For example, you change your face wash with ingredients that you haven’t used before, you are more likely to get contact dermatitis which later causes eyebrow dandruff.

Malassezia- This is a fungus that is common in oily skin. Malassezia is linked with seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, dandruff, and many other skin issues. It causes itchy, inflamed skin with irritation and redness.

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Symptoms of eyebrow dandruff

Eyebrow dandruff is a normal dandruff condition only the area is different. Generally, dandruff occurs in the scalp but in this case, it is on eyebrows. Thus, the symptoms are similar to regular dandruff which are white or yellow flakes on or under eyebrows, patchy skin, itchiness and redness. If the eyebrow dandruff has come as a result of an underlying condition or infection, there might possibly be a skin rash also. Despite having dandruff, the skin of the eyebrows wouldn’t feel dry but oily. Similarly, beard dandruff also exist.

Treatment for eyebrow dandruff

If you see severe rash along with dandruff or pus or painful eyebrows, see a doctor immediately. These are not good signs and may indicate an underlying issue. Thus, consulting a dermatologist is recommended.

If there is only dandruff along with itchiness or discomfort, you can find aid in at-home treatments. Here are different remedies according to the condition.

For seborrheic dermatitis

If you face eyebrow dandruff in dry and cold weather, this could be a normal problem and you can find relief in medicated shampoos or antifungal cream. If using a shampoo for eyebrow dandruff, just take a little of it and produce lather. Clean your eyebrows with this lather and then wash it off. Be careful to not let it enter inside your eyes.

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For Malassezia

The solution is pretty much the same as seborrheic dermatitis. Use an anti-dandruff shampoo on the eyebrows. After wash, apply an anti-itch cream to relieve itching(if there is any). You may need to see a dermatologist if you don’t find relief with these measures.

For contact dermatitis

If the problem is due to contact dermatitis, first and foremost, stop using any new product immediately. Next, keep the skin around the eyebrows moisturized to prevent flakiness and relieve dandruff. If there is irritation, rub some ice on the eyebrows to soothe the agitated skin.

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