Chest Acne: Dermatologist Explains What Causes Chest Acne and How You Can Treat It At Home

Chest acne is a normal condition and these acne pop up due to many reasons. Know the common causes of chest acne and home remedies.

Chanchal Sengar
Reviewed by: Dr Ajay RanaUpdated at: Aug 25, 2020 18:11 ISTWritten by: Chanchal Sengar
Chest Acne: Dermatologist Explains What Causes Chest Acne and How You Can Treat It At Home

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Acne on face are though common but acne on chest may cause worry. Is there really something that you need to worry about with chest acne or it is a normal condition? Many people do not know about the occurrence and treatment for chest acne and so we reached out to Dr. Ajay Rana, Dermatologist & Aesthetic Medicine Expert. Read all the related information in this article.

What Causes Chest Acne?

There are many causes that are linked to chest acne. The skin on the chest is riddled with sebaceous glands. These glands are responsible for producing sebum that keeps the skin moisturized and supple. If the skin produces too much sebum, the pore becomes clogged with dead skin cells, debris, and bacteria, which results in the formation of chest acne. You should be aware of the facts about acne and pimples.

  • Hormones can also play a pivotal role to develop acne, especially in women during their periods. The changing hormones and friction from the breast swelling may cause the breakout of acne.
  • Sometimes the genetics of your parents also play an important role in the appearance of chest acne. If your parents have a history of acne, whether on the chest or elsewhere in the body, you may be more likely to experience the appearance of acne. 
  • Sun exposure can also make skin worse especially if you are dealing with acne even on any body part or chest. Long hours of sun exposure can cause dehydration and dry out already dry skin, and it results in the formation of acne. Due to sun exposure, the body starts to produce more oil to help rehydrate the skin. Some people get pimples in ear also.
  • Skin dryness is the most common cause of chest acne. When the skin is dry, it can cause the skin to produce excess oil in order to compensate for the loss of moisture. When excess oil mixes with dead skin cells, bacteria, dirt and debris, it can cause acne. 
  • Sometimes the fabric of the clothes that we wear and skincare products that we use also become a reason for chest acne.

How to get rid of chest acne at home?

Here are some chest acne treatment home remedies that Dr. Ajay Rana has suggested.

  • Take a daily Omega-3 supplement, like fish oil. The fatty acids in these supplements regulate oil production in the skin and boost natural moisture levels.
  • Exfoliate your skin at least three times a week, especially chest area, it removes the excess keratin that clogs the pores of the skin. Do not exfoliate excessively, it can cause skin irritation.
  • Mix 1 part of tea tree oil with 9 parts water. Dip a cotton swab into the mixture and apply it to chest acne. Then, apply a moisturizer if required, you can repeat this process 1–2 times per day, as needed. 
  • Wear clothes of a light fabric that are comfortable and can be airy. 
  • Apply the skincare products on the skin that contains acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.
  • Take a break from other body products until the acne is under control. This will allow treatments to work and avoid over-clogging the area. 

If the chest acne is out of control, then consult your dermatologist that will recommend you with several treatments. Chest acne can be easily handles with these natural remedies. You must try them for relief.

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