What is Hydromyelia?

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Jul 31, 2014
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  • Central canal of the spinal cord widens abnormally.
  • It can usually be treated through surgery.
  • The symptoms can be relieved permanently or temporarily.
  • Weakness and neck pain are some of the symptoms.

What is Hydromyelia?

A condition in which the central canal of the spinal cord widens abnormally creating a cavity, in which the cerebrospinal fluid gets accumulated, is referred as hydromyelia. If the fluid keeps building up with time it can create huge pressure on the spinal cord and can damage the nerve cells and their connections.

The term hydromyelia is sometimes interchanged with syringomyelia, the condition in which the cavitation occurs in the spinal cord.

In hydromyelia, the cavity formed is often connected to the fourth ventricle in the brain. This condition usually occurs in children or infants with hydrocephalus or birth defects like Dandy-Walker syndrome.

Hydromyelia Definition

Can Hydromyelia be Treated?

Usually a surgery is recommended by for children with suffering with hydromyelia if they have moderate or severe neurological problems. Through surgery the normal flow of the fluid is made possible.

What is the Prognosis for Hydromyelia?

The surgery may permanently or temporarily relieve symptoms but, it can also lead to severe complications. In very rare conditions, the condition gets cured on its own without any medical assistance.

Hydromyelia Definition

What are the Symptoms of Hydromyelia?

The symptoms of the condition start occurring in form of weakness in extremes, pain or heavy sensation in the neck, headaches, loss of sensation in the hands and feet, walking problems, problems with bladder control, stiffness in the legs, and vision problems.

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