What Are The Different Stages Of Love In A Relationship?

In a relationship, have you ever felt being in a complete blissful moment? Nothing can be more beautiful than this stage of love but what it's called?

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Mar 11, 2020 12:01 IST
What Are The Different Stages Of Love In A Relationship?

Through our entire life's journey, we face different paths! Some are beautiful and while others are difficult. We all go through many different stages in our life like studies, career relationship etc. All these things have different importance for every age. Be it education or career or any relationship, there are ups and downs in each one of them. Talking about the relationship, there are many stages in it. Two people who met, then became friends, finally fall in love and one day become partners. Let us tell you all the phases or different stages of a relationship.

Attraction means Phase of Attraction

Some people fall in love at first sight, and some people become friends as soon as they meet. For the first time in both relationships, humans like each other. In this phase, there is an attraction between two people towards each other. Two people often want to be with each other, which is the very initial phase of love (some people call it lust state). In other words, this is the stage when hormones are produced in greater quantities.

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Honeymoon phase

This is the stage when you look at your relationship with the glasses of love. This is the stage when you simply vent your desires into relationships. You can say that you blindly fall in love by coming to this phase. By coming here, your relationship becomes filled with feelings of lust. Oxytocin hormone production is increased in this phase.

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Emotional phase

This is the stage when you feel that you are connected with emotional intensity. You feel deeply connected. This is the time when you start planning for your future. In other words, this is the stage when you start working around "if and buts" in your relationship and thinking of pushing it forward. This is the phase when we weigh our relationship with future steps. Often people at this stage want to get married or want to end the relationship and move towards a permanent relationship.

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Introspection phase

You can call it a make-or-break stage in your relationship. This is when you start checking your dedication or commitment to each other. You discover the cracks in your relationship and try to fix them. However, the differences become more visible. If a couple survives even in this introspection, one can similarly walk with each other in the future.

The phase of complete trust

Finally, after learning, tolerating and fighting each other, you calm down. It is a full-believing phase. By now, you are full of trials and temptations and only feel close to your partner. They are very happy to live together in the golden years of their future and just learn to enjoy every moment. Unbreakable trust is created in your relationship. You are happy about who you are and who your partner is, your children are happy and all is well in the family.

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