Valentine’s Special: The Pulse Points You Need To Know And Why They Make Great Spots For Love

Valentine’s day is around the corner and so is the season of love. It’s time to find out erogenous zones that can make your valentine’s special

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DatingWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Feb 12, 2020Updated at: Feb 12, 2020
Valentine’s Special: The Pulse Points You Need To Know And Why They Make Great Spots For Love

An erogenous zone is a specific area on the body that is sensitive and can produce a sexual response when stimulated. This greek word is broken down into “eros” that means love and “genous” means producing, these are extra-sensitive areas of the body. Each zone differs in degrees of sensitivity, depending on the concentration of nerve endings. Identifying different erogenous zones may improve sexual health, and various research suggests that stimulating different spots can produce different reactions in the body. Understanding these endogenous zones is essential for people undergoing gender reassignment surgery so that they don’t lose significant sexual function. Depending on the bodies of the individual, not everyone can get the same response. For some, it might set off fireworks while for others, it can be tingly. These zones are extra sensitive due to the concentration of nerve endings in these areas.

Here are a few areas that are known and unknown to us :



The ears contain sensory receptors that are more than a hundred. The outside skin is also sensitive, which is the best spot. The sensory receptors are also an advantage. The lobe is generally the softest area. Just be sure about how it works.

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The palm of hands and fingertips

They are one of the most sensitive areas of your body. Holding your partner’s hands and applying gentle pressure will awaken other parts of the body.



This is another sensitive area that can stimulate a sexual response. The slightest touch can make your entire body tingle. According to an international survey, both the nape as well as the neck are among the top 10 erogenous zones and is a very sensitive spot, especially among people with low body fat.

Bottom of feet and toes

The pressure points at the bottom of the feet increase the blood flow and enhance feelings of arousal. The reflex areas correspond to the ovaries and testicles increasing the libido. Our bodies are covered in skin that has many nerve endings.

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The Scalp and Hair

There is a reason why the head massage is so relaxing. The area hosts many nerve endings that help in stimulating and makes you more relaxed and stress-free.

Back of the knees


The back of the knee is a highly sensitive area with extra-thin skin and lots of nerve endings. Touching the part can give you an intense sensation that runs throughout the body.

The Wrists


The wrist is another thin skin that makes this area an excellent place for stimulation and makes it easier to access those nerve ending. It is packed with nerves that makes it extra sensitive. This area is extremely sensitive to gentle touch. An unexpected area would be the inner wrist. It’s where you’ll find the pulse point that makes it highly sensitive

The eyes


They are considered an obvious erogenous part of the body, Eyes can speak more. This can create sensations which shivers down your spine, and your pupils dilate.

Small of the back

The small of the back is a sensitive area that can give you an electrical current throughout your body. It contains nerves which can elicit an immediate response and send you shock waves.

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Inner thighs

The fleshy inner thighs are highly sensitive and soft. They are close to the genitals that create a sensual feeling.

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